Proximus launches Pickx TV interface and Android P decoder

Thursday, June 13th, 2019
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Proximus revises its brand positioning and launches concrete innovations for consumers

  • With its new brand promise “Think possible”, Proximus exploits the great potential offered by the digital world.

Almost five years after the launch of the current Proximus brand, the company is taking another important step in its digital transformation. As of today, Proximus sets out to make innovative digital experiences accessible to all its customers. This is illustrated by a new brand promise: “Think possible”. Proximus is launching five new products and services that will change the media experience of its customers, allowing them to find their way more easily through the immense offer of possibilities:

  • Proximus Pickx, a new TV interface and an innovative content platform
  • The new V7 decoder, a European first, integrating Android P
  • Cloud gaming thanks to Shadow
  • Enjoy!, a new personalized loyalty program
  • Smart Ads, targeted advertisement adapted to the consumer’s fields of interest

Think possible: the new Proximus brand promise

The digital revolution is happening faster than ever. Consumption habits are changing and consumers are using digital interfaces more and more. In fact, 89% of Belgians believe that technological progress is a good thing and 92% think that technology also makes life easier in many respects, even though almost 40% of Belgians say they feel a bit overwhelmed. This was revealed in a new survey conducted by Proximus among 1781 Belgians. It leads us to the conclusion that many people are still not fully exploiting the huge potential offered by technology.

Consumer expectations regarding a brand such as Proximus have evolved in recent years: 76% of Belgians think that technology companies should assume greater responsibility in society. Today, Proximus has set itself the task of helping everyone to exploit the possibilities of digitalization, as technology can improve the lives of citizens in so many areas. Proximus will do this not just by offering new products and services adapted to each customer, but also by becoming the partner of citizens, businesses, and Belgian society in their digital evolution. This vision is reflected in the company’s new brand promise, “Think possible”, which highlights everything we can do and experiment thanks to recent technologies.

“The constant and rapid evolution of digital technologies is changing Belgian consumer habits and expectations in a profound way. These innovations open up a world of opportunities that Proximus wants to make accessible to everyone. That’s why we have revised our brand positioning with the promise “Think possible” and are happy to present today innovative, personalized applications and services that will make the everyday life of our customers easier.” – Dominique Leroy, CEO of Proximus

Proximus Pickx: ‘TV you will love’

Audiovisual consumption habits, particularly about television, have strongly evolved in recent years. Nonlinear media (TV replay, on demand, etc.) is constantly developing, and multi-screen has become a standard: almost 8 in 10 Belgians watch programs on different audiovisual services (traditional TV, Netflix, YouTube, etc.) and on multiple devices.

The offer of audiovisual content has split up into services, platforms and screens offering different experiences in terms of navigation and quality and has grown immensely. The richness and diversity of this offer is both a blessing and a curse for consumers, who often spend as much time zapping through programs as they are actually watching them. More than one in three Belgians has trouble choosing a program, and almost one in two think they waste their time looking for them. 70% of consumers say they would like to have all their content in one place.

To respond to these challenges, Proximus developed Proximus Pickx.

Whether you prefer to watch a movie or entertainment program in real time or replay, the thematic navigation allows each user to discover at a glance all the programs that match their mood. Proximus Pickx is also a personalized experience: because choosing is sometimes difficult, Proximus Pickx offers program suggestions based on the use of its customers. On the TV screen at home, on a laptop or mobile, Proximus Pickx collects the preferred content of each user, with a simple click.

And because more than half of programs watched by Proximus customers are from local channels, Proximus Pickx offers the best response to the expectations of Belgians in terms of audiovisual experience: local programs and content are more represented than in any other service.

“The challenge that Proximus has taken up today is to make the best local and international audiovisual media accessible to all Belgians, thanks to digital innovation. Proximus Pickx turns oversupply into an opportunity, adapts to the mood of the moment, offers without ever imposing. Just for you, because it’s about you: that’s really the spirit in which we wanted to offer this new experience. Whatever your mood, whatever your taste, any time, any place.” – Guillaume Boutin, Chief Consumer Market Officer

The new Proximus decoder: a European first

Proximus is today also unveiling a European first in technology: its new decoder with the Android P operating system, which will be available to customers in a few months. More than just a simple decoder, it opens the door to a world of audiovisual and entertainment experiences.

Thanks to Google Play Store, users can download their favorite apps onto their decoder: YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and many more.

Navigating through all the apps and content accessible on this new decoder has never been easier, thanks to Google’s voice search. Proximus customers will be able to watch programs in very high definition (HDR 4K), watch videos from all platforms on a big screen via the integrated Chromecast, and record up to 400 hours of programs in the cloud. The recordings are of course accessible any time, any place on Proximus Pickx.

All of this, with the lowest power consumption of all decoders on the market.

Cloud gaming: when the decoder becomes a game console

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Shadow, an innovative start-up in the area of cloud computing, the new Proximus decoder will enable, as from its launch date, access to an extremely powerful gaming experience directly on television.

This unprecedented collaboration combines Proximus’ connectivity, the compatibility and power of the Android P operating system of its new decoder and Shadow’s technological innovations to make a whole world of entertainment accessible on the big screen.

The most spectacular and demanding video games will now be available in a few clicks for Proximus customers on the screen of the living room.

Enjoy! A new personalized loyalty program open to all

The personalized experience that Proximus wants to offer its customers will now go beyond their screens and enter their daily lives – offline as well as online. On 24 June, Proximus will unveil a new program which rewards the loyalty of all its customers, without exception, by offering them the opportunity to experience memorable moments, every season, across Belgium.

Enjoy! offers each customer the possibility to play and win tickets or benefit from exclusive reductions as well as priority access to a whole range of cultural events, such as exhibitions and movie premieres. They can also attend events they love (sports, music, entertainment, festivals, family outings, etc.) or have incredible experiences with their heroes or those of their children: e.g. VIP meetings, publicity events, and personalized surprises. Enjoy! also offers exclusive programs, such as exceptional concerts broadcast live or sporting events, with a simple click via Proximus Pickx and MyProximus!

Smart Ads by Proximus

Offering personalized experiences to all customers and users is the promise at the heart of Proximus’ new brand positioning. This promise, now met thanks to Proximus Pickx, will go even further with Proximus’ new and innovative targeted TV advertising solution: Smart Ads.

Smart Ads offers the possibility to replace existing advertising with advertising that is more attuned to the interests of consumers, regardless of how they view the content (in live stream or replay mode) and of what screen they use to enjoy Pickx (a TV, mobile app or web interface).

For the Belgian advertising ecosystem, Smart Ads is an important innovation that can increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, attract new advertisers for television, and provide ever more efficient tools to make the TV screen a relevant and measurable medium.

About the survey

Survey conducted at the beginning of June by polling firm Ipsos at Proximus request, among 1781 Belgians representative of the population in terms of region, gender, age category and education. The maximum error margin for 1781 Belgians is 2,3%.