Samsung and KT Skylife demonstrate 8K satellite broadcasting

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019
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SEOUL, South Korea — Samsung Electronics and KT Skylife have demonstrated the transmission and reception of 8K satellite broadcasting on a Samsung QLED 8K television at the Mokdong Broadcasting Center in Seoul.

Samsung-KT Skylife-ETRI satellite 8K TV demo

In the test, KT Skylife received an 8K video signal transmitted by Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), decoded it in real time and sent the resulting video over HDMI to a Samsung QLED TV. Samsung used a QLED 82-inch (Q950) television to display the received 8K pictures of the National Arboretum thus showing the capabilities of full-scale high-definition broadcasting.

The demonstration was based on H.265, a high-efficiency image compression standard, with transmission in the Ka band (20~30GHz) on Korea’s Chollian satellite using DVB-S2x, which has significantly improved transmission efficiency compared to previous versions of the DVB-S standard. This makes it possible to transmit and receive 8K over satellite at 100Mbps.