3SS 3READY Android TV deployed on Technicolor STBs for N. European operator

Friday, September 6th, 2019
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Another Pay-TV Operator Deploys 3SS’ 3READY Android TV With Technicolor To Power Next-Generation TV Service

  • A pay-TV operator in Northern Europe has selected 3SS and Technicolor, the industry’s most trusted technology partnership for major Android TV™ Operator Tier projects, to launch its new next-gen pay-TV service
  • Google Play Movies is integrated with 3READY Custom Launcher and 3READY Control Center, which will drive the operator’s TVOD Store, benefitting operator and subscribers alike
  • Multi-award-winning combination of 3READY Android TV Framework and Technicolor hardware and middleware will enable world-class, customized TV viewing experiences
  • 3READY Control Center + Multiscreen capability will empower the operator to maximize reach and monetization potential of its Android TV Operator Tier-based service

STUTTGART, Germany — IBC2019 – 3SS stand 15.MS10, Technicolor stand 15.MS15 — 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-top box (STB) and multiscreen digital entertainment, announces that a multiservice provider in Northern Europe has selected 3READY Android TV combined with Technicolor middleware and hardware to power its upcoming TV service.

Technicolor-3SS Europe Operator

The operator is soon to launch its hybrid, next generation service with 100+ channels to serve subscribers via digital terrestrial (DVB-T), digital cable (DVB-C), IPTV and streaming OTT, all via a single unified back end and Technicolor Pearl STB and middleware.

3READY will enable the operator to derive maximum value from its TV service, based on the increasingly popular Android TV™ operating system’s Operator Tier proposition, by enabling subscribers to access the service through a fully-branded custom launcher. The operator has entrusted 3SS to define and design the user experience, including engineering the UI which is highly engaging and intuitive.

Furthermore, the operator is deploying 3READY Control Center, the powerful user experience management tool that provides real-time control over presentation of content, features and branding of all apps from one unified location. As a result, the operator will be able to easily and efficiently A/B test, adapt and improve their product based on subscriber feedback.

The service will include Google Play Movies integrated with 3READY, enabling viewers to explore all the service’s attractive TVOD offerings without ever having to leave the customized operator-branded launcher environment.

Thanks to deploying 3READY Control Center, the operator can efficiently and easily choose, from Android TV’s vast premium Hollywood library, which TVOD movies to offer to its subscribers, and can position them and promote them inside the Custom Launcher experience. This includes being able to select and promote the latest UHD/4K films.

Understanding any film’s local rights status, and other licensing conditions attached to a particular item of content, is at a stroke easier and faster for the operator to do, thereby accelerating promotion opportunities.

The operator can effectively ‘super charge’ its movie library and can seamlessly promote premium content, including the latest UHD/4K releases, in a high-impact way, increasing subscribers’ perceived value of the service, while simultaneously increasing the operator’s revenue share opportunities.

By offering Google Play Movies directly via the 3READY-enabled custom launcher, the operator will be bringing the hottest, most relevant content closer to the user to browse and purchase or rent.

Moreover, by making this user experience so seamless, with no need to leave the operator-branded environment, and with minimal user effort, uptake is encouraged, and brand affinity is uninterrupted.

“Our leading Android TV set-top box portfolio incorporates state-of-the-art technology and is developed to provide a wide range of applications for service providers to deliver to viewers. We complement traditional video features with an ecosystem of partners and our own software solutions to enable smarter video user experiences, far field voice activation, analytics, device management, security and IoT innovations, all of which exponentially enrich the offer to the end user.” says Mercedes Pastor, President Global CPE at Technicolor.

“We offer optimized solutions and the best time to market to operators worldwide thanks to the experience and investment associated with our 33 customer references already deployed and thanks to our solid partnership with Google and 3SS. Working with our customers and 3SS is a great opportunity for Technicolor to bring the best next-gen video experiences to markets worldwide and is a significant step forward to consolidating our leadership in Android TV solutions,” she added.

A major benefit of 3READY is its flexibility to scale and grow with the operator’s business. By choosing 3READY, the Northern European operator will have the opportunity going forward to increase the service’s reach and deliver a customized UX on more consumer devices with 3READY Multiscreen.

3SS is delivering the project in accordance with the principles of agile development, including SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) methodologies.

SAFe makes delivery a more iterative process than seen in traditional development, and involves frequent communication, cross-party planning and common risk management. With SAFe, all those involved in a project benefit from a clear understanding of their responsibilities and their inter-dependencies. The results are a highly motivated and productive team, faster time to market and better service quality.

3READY is optimized for Android TV Operator Tier STB projects; it is pre-engineered to deliver today’s most compelling functional requirements, so an operator can introduce branded services faster with state-of-the-art application architecture ready to customize to business needs. Operators’ marketing objectives are thus supported, while giving world-class entertainment experiences to subscribers.

“With all the ground-breaking features being offered in this major Android TV Operator Tier project, our new Northern European customer is demonstrating its commitment to innovation, and to its subscribers; we are very excited to be collaborating with our close partner Technicolor to help bring next-generation TV experiences to viewers.” said Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS.

3SS has become widely known as the go-to partner for operators eager the make the very most of their next generation Android TV projects. Com Hem, Canal Digital, and Proximus, among others, all rely on 3SS’ multi-award-winning 3READY Android STB + Multiscreen Solution to drive their TV services, enabling them to attract and retain viewers on cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT networks, and across a range of devices.