FourthWall Media introduces Reveal 5 TV analytics and optimization platform

Thursday, September 19th, 2019
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FourthWall Media® Introduces Reveal 5. The Full-Service TV Analytics and Optimization Platform

  • Reveal™ enables fast and easy TV analytics, ad campaign optimization, and attribution based on custom audiences and second-by-second viewing data. Every program, every ad, any audience

DULLES, VA — FourthWall Media, a leader in data-driven television and analytics, announced today the release of Reveal 5, the fifth generation of the company’s comprehensive analytics platform. Reveal 5 packages powerful analytics and infrastructure within a new state-of-the-art User Experience making it easy for organizations of all sizes to use the platform to analyze, plan, and optimize their television advertising, audiences, and programming. FourthWall will be demonstrating Reveal 5 during 2019 Advertising Week in New York.

FourthWall Media has developed substantial technology and expertise in support of advanced analytics and data stewardship. Reveal 5 unites over five years of granular viewing data, detailed household characteristics, integrations with leading digital DMPs and data partners, and an elegant UX to form a groundbreaking, highly functional platform that surprises users with its nimble interface and insights.

Reveal 5 includes Reveal Connect™ for privacy-preserving household matching, Reveal Audiences for dynamic audience segmentation and indexing, Reveal Campaigns for optimized media planning, and Reveal Outcomes for post analysis, tune-in, and attribution.

“Reveal has been used internally, and by many MVPDs, which allowed us to gain a detailed understanding of TV’s complex data and market requirements,” said Ellen Dudar, Chief Product Officer of FourthWall Media. “With more and more companies yearning for fast, targeted, and transparent television analytics, Reveal 5 addresses their need for meaningful insights in a platform that’s both functional, quick, and easy to use. Now custom audiences, optimized planning, next day post analysis, and attribution are at their fingertips.”

Reveal 5’s audience, optimization, and attribution capabilities allow companies to target TV campaigns, eliminate waste, and measure outcomes of advertising and programming. Reveal 5 brings many attributes of digital planning and measurement to TV and makes available capabilities and insights that have been elusive, whether too difficult or too time-consuming for organizations to implement at scale.

“We consistently hear from industry partners about the need for fast, transparent analysis, planning, and attribution of TV advertising and programming,” said Tim Peters, CEO of FourthWall Media. “Now, with Reveal 5, we provide the integrated platform to help marketers and programmers move television into a new age that is audience-based, optimized, and analyzed more like digital campaigns and content.”

Reveal™ is based on several patented technologies established and proven in the marketplace with FourthWall Media’s data clients and MVPD partners. Reveal 5 is available today as a complete platform or as à la carte custom reports and services. Contact FourthWall Media for more information and to experience Reveal 5 for yourself.