MRI-Simmons and FourthWall Media partner to provide custom TV audiences

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
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MRI-Simmons audience segments now available as Reveal™ audiences for targeting, planning, and analysis of TV campaigns

DULLES, Va. and NEW YORK — FourthWall Media®, a leader in television analytics, and MRI-Simmons, the leading provider of insights on the American consumer, today announced a unique partnership that allows marketers in the television ecosystem to incorporate trusted MRI-Simmons audiences in advanced TV campaigns. This dynamic audience solution will use FourthWall’s Reveal™ analytics platform and Reveal Connect™, its secure household matching tool, to create actionable MRI-Simmons audience segments for targeted TV planning, optimization, and attribution.

The partnership enables marketers, programmers, and agencies to optimize linear and addressable television campaigns using MRI-Simmons survey-based segments in the Reveal™ platform. Clients can share the targeted or exposed MRI-Simmons audiences between Reveal™ and digital platforms for cross-platform attribution, retargeting, and measurement. These audiences are generated by Reveal Connect™ which matches television viewing data to MRI-Simmons’ datasets while protecting consumers’ personally identifiable information.

“Reveal™ delivers custom TV audience segmentation, giving marketers the necessary tools for measuring a campaign’s performance against any defined target,” said Ellen Dudar, Chief Product Officer of FourthWall Media. “By partnering with MRI-Simmons, we can offer brands the opportunity to plan, optimize, and analyze TV campaigns using the same trusted audiences they use across their other marketing channels. This unified view provides a more complete understanding of the effectiveness of a campaign’s components, leading to increased performance and marketing ROI.”

Today, marketers strive to create custom audiences for targeting across all media, and to analyze campaign performance with common metrics across television, digital, and mobile. By using MRI-Simmons trusted segments in Reveal™, marketers in the TV ecosystem can now use common audiences across their media planning and analysis, taking another meaningful step towards a 360 degree view of their targeted audiences.

“For years, MRI-Simmons has been used as the truth set for defining advanced audiences in today’s TV ecosystem, bridging a common language between brand strategy, market research, media activation, and business outcomes,” said Ishan Bhaumik, Director of Partnerships at MRI-Simmons. “With our FourthWall partnership, marketers that have standardized on currency-grade MRI-Simmons audiences can easily add key insights from second-by-second TV viewership data from FourthWall. This provides a high-fidelity instant feedback loop to the marketer’s media planning stages.”

For more information on custom audiences powered by Reveal and MRI-Simmons, advertisers and agencies can connect with FourthWall Media for a demonstration of the product.