KPN introduces new TV box with Bluetooth remote control

Monday, October 7th, 2019
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Faster, smaller, and 4K-ready

KPN is introducing an improved TV receiver and remote control from October 1. The new TV receiver can display much sharper images thanks to the new, fast Broadcom 72604B0 chipset and is suitable for 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos. This means that this box makes it possible to watch TV in 4K quality (Ultra HD), and with improved sound quality.

KPN STB with Bluetooth remote

Remote control with Bluetooth and Netflix button

The new supplied remote control has Bluetooth functionality. This allows the TV receiver to be placed out of sight. For example, in a cupboard. The remote control also has a handy Netflix button. This allows the Netflix application to be opened directly and makes watching Netflix even easier for KPN customers.

Small and energy efficient

The TV receiver is more than twice as small as its predecessor. It therefore contains 64 per cent less plastic. The TV receiver is made from 33 percent recycled plastic. What’s more, the TV receiver is also more economical. The TV receiver has for example an additional function called “energy saving mode”. When this function is switched on, the TV receiver will go into stand-by after 15 minutes, which means an automatic deep sleep mode. When it does this, the TV receiver consumes almost no energy.

What does this mean for KPN customers?

From 1 October, all new KPN iTV customers and customers who switch to a 4K upgrade will receive the new TV receiver with Bluetooth remote control. A matching subscription is needed to watch programs in 4K with this TV receiver. For existing customers, KPN will continue to support and improve the current TV receivers.

The KPN TV experience

The introduction of our new TV receiver fits in with KPN’s strategy to ensure that customers have the best TV experience. KPN does this by, on the one hand, constantly improving the product and, on the other hand, by continuing to renew the TV offer. For example, last summer we expanded the range of channels for all TV customers with, among others, Fox Sports 1, DreamWorks, and njam! And we introduced a special kids environment in our iTV app where safe and child-friendly films and series can be watched on a tablet.