Nordig and Android 'P' compliance part of DTVKit’s latest software release

Thursday, October 24th, 2019
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Nordig and Android ‘P’ compliance part of DTVKit’s latest software release for member community

DTVKit, in cooperation with Ocean Blue Software (OBS), has been preparing the latest of the bi-annual releases to members of its popular suite of DTV software components. The October release includes significant updates to the DVB stack for compliance with the Nordig standard, changes to the Android integration code to support the ‘Treble’ architecture, and improvements to the CI Plus ECP reference stack.

Nordig Compliance

DTVKit is a shared source community, offering a suite of market proven DTV software components to its members, comprising of DVB, MHEG, and CI Plus software stacks. DTVKit always strives to ensure its solutions are kept up to date with the latest market requirements to maximise the benefit to its members. With that in mind, DTVKit, with the help of OBS, have been working with SofiaDigital’s test suite to improve the Nordig compliance of its DVB software. The latest release includes updates for LCN handling, dynamic service updates, and support for additional Nordig descriptors.

Android TV ‘P’

This latest release will also include an updated AndroidTV v.9 (P) release of the DVB Core integration to the Android TV Input Framework, including support for Android’s ‘Treble’ architecture.


The release also provides updates to its CI Plus ECP reference stack, with enhancements to the split Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) architecture, and improved compatibility with HbbTV.

Phil Evans, Managing Director of DTVKit says “The DTVKit community is growing and it is important that we can offer our members software that is up to date and relevant with the latest market requirements. Members can remain focused on adding their own value to projects with the fastest time to market.”

Paul Martin, CEO of OBS says “As a founding member, and active contributor, we are pleased to be able to work with DTVKit to improve the offering to the community, helping it grow and ensuring its future. We are also able to support other members with the deployment of DTVKit software in their products.”

For more information about our range of software components including Android TV and the Nordig standard visit our Software Components page