Rakuten Viki selects BuyDRM's KeyOS MultiKey Service

Thursday, November 14th, 2019
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Rakuten Viki Selects BuyDRM’s KeyOS MultiKey Service to Secure VIKI.com Premium Content

AUSTIN, Texas — BuyDRM announced today that Rakuten Viki has chosen the KeyOS MultiKey Service to secure the delivery of premium content on the Viki.com platform. Rakuten Viki will encrypt their premium streaming and download content with consumer-compatible, studio-approved multi-DRM including Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine. Rakuten Viki’s users will receive DRM license keys to playback the content from the MultiKey Service platform.

Rakuten Viki streams premium licensed content in a similar way that Hulu does in U.S. markets. The site then puts the content on one of its channels and the content can be subtitled by community volunteers in their preferred languages under a Creative Commons license using Rakuten Viki’s subtitling technology, enabling individuals to collaborate globally in over 160 languages at once.*

KeyOS is an award-winning, studio-approved multi-DRM platform for premium content distribution. The MultiKey Service provides a robust, scalable solution for secure premium content delivery in both live and VOD formats.

“Using BuyDRM’s MultiKey Service allows us to reach the widest audience possible while also meeting the requirements of the major studios to protect their content,” said Omkiran Sharma, Director of Engineering “BuyDRM has a proven track record for successfully deploying scalable and robust DRM strategies with a global footprint which made this decision easy.”

“As a global leader in Asian-oriented Video on Demand, the scope and depth of Rakuten Viki’s offering commands a studio-approved, industrial-strength multi-DRM solution,” said BuyDRM CEO & Founder Christopher Levy. “BuyDRM’s MultiKey Service provides this solution in a cost-effective, highly-scalable manner to protect content as it traverses the globe.”