Elonics, the CMOS RF Company, Secures New Funding for Product Development

Monday, June 30th, 2008

LIVINGSTON, UK — Elonics, the CMOS RF tuner company, has secured an additional 1 million USD of Series A, second close finance. The funding is being provided by a consortium of investors. They include David Milne, Co-Founder and former CEO of Wolfson Microelectronics, John Carey, co-founder of AMD and former Chairman of Wolfson Microelectronics, and technology investors Liz Sharpe, John Gray and Irene Buchanan.

Elonics is a pioneer in the development of radio frequency (RF) products in CMOS. Founded in 2003, the team’s focus is on using its disruptive technology to deliver world-beating products to its customers. The architectural foundation for Elonics new family of CMOS RF front ends is DigitalTune™. The DigitalTune™ concept is an integral part of evolution in radio receiver design, allowing designers to implement CMOS RF front ends capable of cost effectively supporting multiple TV and radio broadcast standards, meeting the challenge for smaller, lighter, cheaper and lower power consumer electronics.

Elonics CEO David Srodzinski said, “We are delighted to be able to win the support of David Milne, John Carey and the other investors. It is an endorsement of our belief that our strategy of targeting the emerging market for broadcast TV and radio for portable consumer electronics devices with flexible CMOS RF tuners is fundamentally sound. This is an exciting time for the team at Elonics as we begin to put in place the foundations to grow a global semiconductor business.”

David Milne said, “I am personally delighted to be able to support Elonics in this critical phase of the company’s evolution. Elonics DigitalTune™ technology has tremendous potential. The world is going mobile and Elonics is very well positioned to take advantage of this trend with its new family of flexible low power CMOS RF tuners. As a long time proponent of an indigenous Scottish semiconductor industry, I am very pleased to see companies such as Elonics attempting to follow in the footsteps of companies such as Wolfson Microelectronics who have developed global businesses from bases here in Scotland.”

This funding is in addition to the £2M ($4M) raised in February 2008 at the first close of Series A funding from investors including Braveheart Investment Group, Scottish Venture Fund and a number of private investors including Brian Souter and Sir Tom Farmer. About Elonics – “Wireless Silicon for a Digital Age”

Elonics Ltd. is a fabless mixed-signal semiconductor company specialising in the design and development of multi-band radio frequency (RF) IC products. Founded in 2003 and based in Livingston, United Kingdom, Elonics has developed an innovative radio frequency architecture called DigitalTune™ that is the foundation for a family of re-configurable CMOS RF front end products.

Elonics innovative technology allows manufacturers to design high performance multi-band radio transceivers with unrivalled power consumption and low system cost. Elonics products are targeted at high volume portable consumer electronics applications that require wireless multimedia connectivity where size, performance, price and power consumption are paramount. Elonics’ first product family is the E4000 series of silicon tuner solutions targeted at the reception of multi-standard digital TV and radio including DVB-T, ISDB-T, T-DMB, DVB-H, ISDB-H, DMB-T, DAB and FM radio. Elonics secured £2M ($4M) Series A funding in February 2008 from investors including Braveheart Investment Group, Scottish Venture Fund and a number of private investors including Brian Souter and Sir Tom Farmer.

About DigitalTune™

Elonics DigitalTune™ is a patent pending radio frequency architecture that enables the design of multi-band RF front ends using a single monolithic CMOS IC. The digitally programmable multiband architecture is used in the E4000 tuner family to cover the complete spectrum from VHF 2 to L Band (64MHz to 1.70GHz) for mobile broadcast applications. DigitalTune™ is a universal architecture, and is capable of supporting other RF applications where re-configuration is highly desirable.

The direct conversion zero IF architecture is designed to save power and lower system cost. It eliminates the requirement for expensive and bulky external components such as SAW filters and RF baluns, yet offers extremely high performance. Elonics innovative DigitalTune™ architecture enables manufacturers to significantly improve upon today’s solutions offering support for multiple standards with a common re-configurable RF front end.