ELSYS adds security camera support to STB based on Frog middleware

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
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ELSYS adds Security Camera to the TOTALMAX hybrid STB based on Frog, the Wyplay open source middleware

LAS VEGAS — CES 2020 – For the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, Elsys, a leading Brazilian electric/electronics and telecommunications company, announced today the integration of a new range of security video cameras on the Elsys TOTALMAX receiver powered by Frog, the Wyplay open source middleware.

ELSYS selected the Frog by Wyplay solution in 2017 to stay on the technology cutting edge and to control their software roadmap. Providing professional support, training and specific development, Wyplay collaborated closely with the ELSYS technical management team who developed and customized the Frog Turnkey Satellite and OTT PVR Ready in partnership with Globo for SAT HD Regional project.

After the addition of multiple local streaming services such as Globoplay, Elsys Play and Elsys Kid, ELSYS is now announcing the support of security video cameras on the TOTALMAX receiver. Totalmax users will be able to have an integrated experience with Elsys cameras. ELSYS can also offer bundles (Totalmax receiver + Security Camera) for new users.

“With a highly skilled, small team of engineers, an operator can deploy a solution based on Frog Turnkey in less than 10 months” says Jacques Bourgninaud, Wyplay CEO. He adds “We have been impressed by the capability of ELSYS to customize and provide value added features. With this latest security cam support improvement, it demonstrates the technological leadership of ELSYS in Brazil”

“We have expanded the apps available in TOTALMAX to provide a better experience for our customers. The Frog by Wyplay is the best technology to make it and we’re very satisfied with these results”, rebound Damian Zisman, ELSYS’ CEO.