Sky New Zealand launches Sky Box created with Wyplay

Thursday, April 13th, 2023 
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Sky New Zealand launched the new Sky Box co-created by Wyplay

MARSEILLE, France — One year ago, Sky New Zealand selected Wyplay among other international partners to elaborate the best of Sky Satellite TV, On demand and Streaming with the new Sky Box. Today, just after the launch of this much awaited product on the New Zealand market, Wyplay is proud to share that the collaboration was a great success.

The new Sky Box is bringing state-of-the-art features to New Zealand with 4K, modern and personalized user experience, Streaming apps integration (like Netflix, Disney+, Prime, TVNZ+…), multi-recording, voice remote, and more… It’s rewarding to have Sky’s customers enjoying such a game changer product.

In 2021, Sky made a challenging and strategic choice for their STBs, changing from Linux to Android TV for a really advanced product. For this specific project, 3 independent Wyplay teams were involved: Wyplay System Integration, Wyplay Middleware and Wyplay Professional Services.

As the System Integrator, Wyplay was at the forefront of this project to allow the multiple stakeholders to execute the plan and reach the best level of quality for the Sky Box product. By coordinating the efforts of Sky, Wyplay, Irdeto, Kaon, Broadcom, and Netflix, Wyplay shows its added value for such challenging projects, where hybrid DVB, local video recorder and third party apps are part of an Android TV STB product.

On the other hand, Wyplay Middleware provided its DVB expertise by providing and integrating the DVB and PVR software stack into the Sky Android TV box.

Finally, Wyplay Professional Services strengthened the Sky Digital UI team and co-developed with Sky the appealling Sky box Android TV Custom Launcher.

“This project is the perfect showroom of what Wyplay can bring to operators and partners when talking about Android TV projects: System Integration, DVB expertise, Custom Launcher, apps integration, etc…” said Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO of Wyplay. He concluded with: “Wyplay is pleased to have collaborated on such challenging and key project.”

Sophie Moloney, CEO of Sky, added: “This was a great help to have professionals like Wyplay onboard. We are so proud of the work executed by the Sky teams together with Wyplay, in order to deploy the Sky Box to our subscribers.”

Wyplay will continue to support Sky for the evolutions of the Sky products, including the maintenance of Android TV.

Wyplay is well positioned on the market to help any operator worldwide to design and deploy Android TV products, whatever OTT only or Hybrid DVB STB, at the integration, middleware, and application levels.

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