Wyplay provides RDK professional services to Nuuday

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 
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Wyplay provides RDK Professional Services to Nuuday

MARSEILLE, France — Wyplay, a global TV Professional Services and Video Platform Solutions provider, is helping Nuuday to deliver innovative digital TV customer experiences to most of Danish homes & businesses.

In a project managed by Nuuday, Wyplay is providing its professional services and its RDK expertise to Nuuday and partners teams. Wyplay was chosen by Nuuday to bring its skilled resources into the project, from RDK drivers and Middleware to UI, including UI lightning app language certified developers. This allowed Nuuday to successfully deploy on the market their new RDK-based set-top- box beginning of 2022 and to continue to bring evolutions.

Wyplay is pleased to have a large scale of versatile experts who can provide solutions to such Tier-1 clients.

“Thanks to our TV Expert Professional Services team, we are very proud to accompany Nuuday with state-of-the-art RDK product.” – said Jacques Bourgninaud, CEO of Wyplay. He added “RDK is a game changer. Wyplay invested significantly into RDK to help TV Operators driving their own roadmap without any external constraint”.

Nuuday approach to RDK is very well in line with RDK community spirit, by following the latest RDK4 standards, and reversing contributions to the RDK community. The collaboration between Nuuday and Wyplay is very rich in this environment, with a true long-term partnership.

Based on its long-standing experience, Wyplay is bringing Professional Services to operators, but also partners like STB vendors and chipset makers. This project with Nuuday adds to Wyplay references on RDK and puts Wyplay as a partner of choice for any RDK project.

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