Evolution Digital launches Android TV device management platform

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
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Evolution Digital Launches eDM Android TV Device Management Platform

  • Evolution Digital’s eDM™ cloud-based SaaS platform enables full management, monitoring, control, diagnostics and analytics for Evolution Digital eSTREAM 4K™, powered by Android TV™, devices
  • Midco, Blue Ridge and Service Electric Cablevision are among the first U.S.-based operator customers signed on for eSTREAM 4K and eDM

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Evolution Digital today announces the launch of Evolution Device Manager (eDM) cloud-based SaaS solution to operators deploying eSTREAM 4K, powered by Android TV. eDM offers to operators a hosted platform that enables management, administration and control of their eSTREAM 4K devices in the field.

Evolution Digital’s eDM software provides operators with an enhanced customer experience via proactive operational efficiency. The four core pillars of eDM include:

  • Device management: Device information, online state, applications installed, location and storage
  • Device control: Device or group reboot, lock, unlock and factory reset
  • Device analytics: Full diagnostic information including, but not limited to, CPU temperature and utilization, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal strength, network speed and response time, as well as RAM and ROM utilization
  • Device administration: API specification for all core eDM features, device group creation and provisioning, user/page authorities and settings

Evolution Digital - Evolution Device Manager (eDM)

eDM also offers operator managed application (APK) update capabilities, allowing for easy and unlimited middleware-specific upgrades that do not require a full Android TV build and recertification. This advanced feature enables a more customized and fluid process for the operator to push new APK versions to specially designated devices and device groups.

“As the video landscape continues to evolve, Evolution Digital consistently seeks out new opportunities and advantages to better equip operators’ toolkits,” said Cash Hagen, COO. “eDM offers an unparalleled solution for operators to anticipate the needs of the consumer, rather than relying on reactive approaches like fielding unanticipated customer service calls. As consumers increasingly transition towards all-IP video solutions, eSTREAM 4K, powered by Android TV, with eDM facilitate both enhanced customer satisfaction and streamlined OPEX, as operators can now avoid time and money spent towards truck rolls, equipment replacement and blind troubleshooting. We are happy today to announce eDM customers Midco, Blue Ridge and Service Electric Cablevision, and we look forward to announcing many more providers that are just as excited to join our eSTREAM 4K and eDM rosters.”