Amino helps Colsecor add SENSA OTT to legacy set-top boxes

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
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Amino Upcycling enables Colsecor to launch SENSA service throughout Argentina

  • AminoOS upcycling project managed by Pontis Technologies helps maximize STB investments for over 30 cooperatives in Argentina

CAMBRIDGE — Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, has announced that it is working with Pontis Technologies to upcycle a range of deployed STB devices to bring Colsecor’s new OTT SENSA service to its Argentina customer-base. AminoOS upcycling provides Colsecor with the operational agility to easily deploy this innovative OTT service alongside its existing IPTV infrastructure. The Amino upcycling project helps Colsecor maximize existing STB investments for over 30 cooperatives throughout Argentina.

Colsecor’s new SENSA OTT service enhances the offering for its IPTV subscribers by providing access to more than 80 live television channels and over three thousand on-demand movies and TV shows, with new premieres every day. SENSA is deployed as an OTT service alongside Colsecor’s existing IPTV offering, providing the cooperatives with an enhanced consumer experience to compete more effectively. The existing Amino set-top boxes are being upcycled using the AminoOS Enable software, giving existing devices the ability to integrate SENSA alongside the existing Colsecor IPTV service.

Argentina-based Pontis Technologies is a leading systems integration company focused on implementing end-to-end IPTV and OTT projects. Pontis works with global vendors to enhance market presence in Latin America. The company has been engaged with Amino since 2013 and has deployed AminoVU devices including the A139, A50, Kamai520X models throughout Argentina.

“The current market conditions are forcing operators to look for ways to maximize investments across the board. Working with Pontis to upcycle Colsecor’s existing set-top boxes is a compelling way to extend the life of these devices, while accelerating the time to market for delivering the experiences and services, like SENSA, that the end-user craves,” says Donald McGarva, Amino Group Chief Executive Officer.

Additionally, Pontis is deploying Amino SM Engage for Colsecor. The cloud-based service management solution provides a suite of management tools that let operators efficiently manage and proactively support deployed devices and improve quality of service.

“Amino’s ability to extend the functionality of our existing set-top boxes was a key financial enabler of the SENSA project,” said Miguel Factor, COO, Colsecor. “I’m looking forward to our customers enjoying the exciting content made available as we continue the roll out of the exciting new SENSA service.”

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