Streambox launches transport stream file management solution

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020
Streambox logo

Streambox, a complete Secure Cloud Solution to easily manage all Transport Stream files worldwide

AUBAGNE, France — After more than two years of development and testing, Streambox will officially launch its free trial period today and for the 2 following months.

Streambox is a secure cloud solution dedicated to all TV, CAM or STB manufacturers, Satellite/DTT/Cable/Telecom TV Operators and CAS providers that need to manage vast quantities of Transport Stream files used and shared worldwide for their Q/A testing, validations or certifications.

Highlight of some services and tools already available with Streambox:

  • A distant and remote storage for all transport streams: after being uploaded on the platform, transport streams are stored in Streambox, which provides scalability, high availability, low latency, backup and recovery.
  • Online tool to search in all transport streams: with only one field to fill, the search in Streambox is fast and deep inside SI/PSI tables: user comments, stream names, dates, Ascii and Hexa values, tags, etc.
  • Transport streams data extraction solutions: some data as PIDs, SI/PSI tables, parsed SI/PSI tables, can be extracted from streams in binary or text format
  • Transport stream can be split directly in Streambox: the editing can be done by duration in seconds, length in bytes or by selecting the first and the last TP number.
  • Easy and secure sharing system of transport streams: for company internal use, a link is available to access to the stream dedicated page and an external link could be generated for customer or partner download (link expire after 3 days).
  • Transport streams management: tag and gather streams by keyword, bookmark favourites Streams and follow to be notified when an event occurs.

Streambox is hosted and powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and can already store 300 Terabytes of transport streams and serve 5,000 simultaneous users. Future improvements and new functionalities are already in development and will be added in 2021. Custom development can also be implemented by request.