TVision data enables person-level ad measurement

Monday, November 16th, 2020
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TVision’s Advanced Audience Projections Powers Person-Level Ad Measurement

  • Early Adopters Include Leading TV Measurement and Advertising Platform Companies, including Oracle Data Cloud, Xandr, VideoAmp and iSpot

NEW YORK — TVision, the company measuring TV ad engagement, today announced its new offering: Advanced Audience Projections (AAP). Major TV measurement and advertising platform players, including Oracle Data Cloud, Xandr, VideoAmp and iSpot are already using the data to go beyond household data to person-level measurement.

Several converging factors are changing the way viewers watch and engage with TV ads. The TV industry is increasingly fragmented and viewers have more choices than ever. They choose when, where and how to watch TV. Census data from Smart TVs and other services only tells the story at the household level but advertisers are demanding more granularity. They are demanding person-level data that matches digital-style clarity. This is the objective of the MRC standards and the WFA’s global principles to break the deadlock on cross-media measurement in order to understand true reach and frequency. AAP solves this challenge. It empowers measurement companies to combine TVision’s person-level panel data with their own census data in order to project individual behavior across other similar homes.

“Households do not view ads. People view ads. But previously our industry has only been able to measure TV ad reach at the household level. AAP solves this problem,” explains Yan Liu, CEO of TVision. “The industry is now able to support various data applications such as TV attribution and reach and frequency optimization at the individual level, in a manner similar to digital.”

Many of the household TV data providers have already started to engage with TVision and the AAP solution. AAP is a flexible solution that allows each measurement partner to maximize the benefits of the combination of their own data and TVision’s unique person-level insights. The AAP data set can be used in the following ways:

  • TV Attribution – Tie person-level ad exposure data to outcome data with significantly greater accuracy.
  • Reach and Frequency – Understand unduplicated reach and frequency as well as incremental reach for specific viewers.
  • Co-Viewing – Quantify the value of co-viewing in the room when the ad and content aired.
  • Cross-platform measurement – Meet MRC and WFA standards for comparative measurement across TV and digital.

Industry Leaders Weigh In On TVision AAP

“With TVision AAP we can deliver the granular and actionable insights on audience attention and viewing patterns to complete the cross-platform picture our customers are asking for. By meeting this critical market need, we can now provide a more comprehensive and individual level view of consumers and how they engage and respond to ads across all of the touch-points in their day.” – Kevin Whitcher, VP of New Product Development, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud.

“Incorporating TVision data into our data-driven advertising platform maximizes the value we can drive to media owners and media buyers. This powerful big data set allows for planning, optimizing and measuring person-level association of premium video viewership which is a critical element of TV advertising.” – Jason Burke, VP, Strategy at Xandr.

“TV delivery data alone — whether it be from video, audio ACR or set-top box data — does not provide an accurate picture of TV exposure. That’s why we’ve committed to a commingling methodology that combines STB and ACR data across 28M households, creating an enriched and deduplicated TV dataset. TVision’s panel enables VideoAmp to enhance that dataset with information about the actual humans in front of the TV. We can then accurately model person-level exposure, including co-viewing, to create a cross-media currency-grade TV and OTT dataset, at scale.” – Jonathan Steuer, EVP of TV Strategy & Currency, VideoAmp

“Person-level data is a key component to measuring ad performance as we work to help advertisers understand true reach, and attention for their TV ads. With TVision AAP we are able to add a deeper layer of insights to our already robust measurement offering.” – Robert Bareuther, SVP Business Development at