XroadMedia to power hyper-personalization at ZEE5

Monday, November 30th, 2020
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ZEE5 partners with XroadMedia to ramp up its hyper-personalized Video on Demand and social media services

MUMBAI, India / VIENNA, Austria — ZEE5, India’s number 1 entertainment super-app and one of the country’s largest and fastest growing Content and Technology (ConTech) brands, has announced the on-boarding of XroadMedia to ramp up its hyper-personalized Video on Demand offerings and social media services. Through this partnership, ZEE5 will put to use XroadMedia’s innovative back-end solution, Ncanto, to provide multiple content discovery, recommendations and personalization use-cases to its users.

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XroadMedia is a leading specialist in building innovative and ground-breaking personalization services and its expertise will also be deployed to scale up HiPi, ZEE5’s new short-form-video platform. Since HiPi’s beta launch in August 2020, ZEE5 has witnessed a massive 30 million new user installs along with 70 million existing ZEE5 users upgrading to the short-form-video platform. With this, XroadMedia joins ZEE5’s haloed list of global technology innovators and disrupters who contribute to the streaming site’s superior user experience, making it home to some of the world’s best-in-class products and technologies.

Commenting on the partnership, Rajneel Kumar, Business Head – Expansion Projects & Head of Products, ZEE5, says, “ZEE5 has always believed in the power of great content and powerful technology coming together to offer the best experience to a viewer. We are potentially the only player in the country, and possibly in the world, to be working towards hyper-personalization for ‘The segment of ONE’. We believe gone are the days of broadcast; even the current trend of viewing audiences in clusters and cohorts will soon give way to individual personalization. And this is where XroadMedia comes in. We have benchmarked their solution for a few months and found adoption and click-through-rates on recommendations were significantly higher along with a substantial increase in average time spent by a user. XroadMedia’s cloud-based services have also provided us with a higher level of flexibility to serve personalization use-cases and I’m confident this partnership will heighten our seamless content viewing experience, a feat we take great pride in and work tirelessly to maintain.”

“Our partnership with ZEE5 is another major milestone in the history of XroadMedia and proves the progress we have made over the past few years. We are particularly excited to work with ZEE5 as they are using our solution to its full extend – from personalizing entire screens in the user interface via creating and managing editorial services to applying our solution across multiple content types and sources. We are very pleased with this partnership, as the application of our solution shows how important personalization is to ZEE5 and I am sure together we will push the boundaries of content discovery and personalization even further in the future”, adds Adolf Proidl, Co-Founder and CEO of XroadMedia.

First launched in India in July, Ncanto provides dynamic personalization of ZEE5’s services based on interests and watching behavior. Additionally, with the help of Piloto, XroadMedia’s advanced business and service management tool, ZEE5 can provide an ever-changing user experience by closely following the user’s entertainment journey. XroadMedia’s cloud-based solution also encompasses a dynamic mix of statistical, editorial and user-based recommendations, bolstering the ConTech brand’s already superior services even further.