Empower integrates TV into its customer journey planning platform with Cadent

Thursday, December 17th, 2020
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Empower® Selects Cadent Platform to Power Advanced TV Execution for Customer Journey-Focused EMerge Platform

  • Cadent Introduces Next-Generation Advanced TV Platform, Bringing Together Linear and Next-Generation TV Tools for Marketers

NEW YORK and CINCINNATI — Cadent, the advanced TV platform company, today announced that Empower, the independently-owned media agency known as The Un-Holding Company℠ is the first customer of its newly upgraded advanced TV platform, which will enable advertisers to assemble and activate their television campaigns across channels with more control, transparency and ease.

Empower will use the patented TV mapping technology behind Cadent Viewer Graph as a foundational component for its consumer journey planning platform, called EMerge, which brings the capabilities of digital targeting and measurement to the TV environment to create opportunities in all phases of the consumer journey, as well as greater flexibility, efficiency, and access to and application of data during the campaign planning process.

As a data-driven agency, Empower is bringing the same rigor the agency uses with digital to the television space by incorporating Cadent Viewer Graph. Viewer Graph resolves multiple devices back to a household, a vital component of a cross-channel TV approach. The graph enables thoughtful orchestration of TV ads across linear television, set-top-box and IP address-based addressable, and OTT formats, so advertisers can deliver consistent messaging and frequency throughout their campaigns, as well as measure the impact across channels.

Cadent Advanced TV Platform provides audience building tools for building segments, buying media, optimizing campaigns, and understanding outcomes, across OTT, set-top box addressable, and linear TV advertising. Empower will use the platform to access optimization tools so that campaign performance is informed by Cadent’s wealth of historical campaign data. Cadent self-service tools will provide Empower account teams with insights on pacing, media delivery and outcome-based reporting for their clients.

The new features in Cadent Advanced TV platform include:

  • Reach audiences faster and more accurately with Audience & Identity Graph Solutions which enable advertisers to overlay specific audience attributes from the broader marketplace to create refined audience segments that can be linked directly to TV viewing, deepening campaign effectiveness. Using machine learning and billions of data points from over 500 million devices, matched to 90 million homes, Cadent Viewer Intelligence Graph helps advertisers go beyond demographics and create actionable audiences for TV advertising campaigns.
  • Maximize reach across devices with Cross-Channel TV Solutions, which include the ability to plan traditional linear GRP, audience-indexed linear TV, and audience-targeted OTT and addressable set-top campaigns.
  • Understand campaign effectiveness and efficiency with Measurement Solutions, including IQ Score, Cadent’s newly launched proprietary indexed reporting solution that helps agencies and brands evaluate the maximized reach of their campaigns, both in post and dynamically during flights.

“The ability to leverage Cadent Advanced TV platform to build and optimize audiences within one buying system will provide more relevant, thoughtfully orchestrated cross-channel experiences to our clients’ audiences across screens,” said Jim Price, CEO at Empower. “Cadent’s technology will play a critical role in how Empower’s consumer journey work comes to life in the important space of linear and addressable TV.”

“This suite of solutions helps advertisers leverage their data across screens so that they’re constantly learning from their campaigns and improving the way they connect with viewers,” said Jamie Power, Chief Data Officer, Cadent. “As a partner to marketers and agencies, Cadent is proud to play a central role in building the foundation of next-generation TV.”

“Empower has always been on the forefront of in-house innovation, product development, and technology in television. Jim and Empower are bringing more accountability to TV and gaining a full understanding of audiences – where they’re watching, what they’re buying and the devices they’re using – and offering a smarter way to reach audiences and deliver on a message,” said Nick Troiano, CEO, Cadent. “We’re proud to partner with Empower to better serve brand marketers.”