Allroll introduces attribution & analytics software for OTT channel owners

Thursday, December 17th, 2020
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Allroll introduces its new product: Welcome Attriboost, attribution and analytical software for OTT channel owners

Allroll, the unique OTT marketing platform for video channel owners, is announcing the launch of its new product Attriboost, an innovative software solution for detailed analytics and attribution for OTT channels.

Attriboost was created to help marketers and developers define, track, and analyze user behavior to optimize media spend, provide a one-stop shop for detailed statistics, discover major traffic sources, and improve ad campaigns.

“The mission of Attriboost is to reveal where viewers are coming from and to track their activity within an OTT/CTV channel. Attriboost is easily integrated into your app through SDK and receives detailed information about the actions users take inside the app – things like app installations and launches, session length, purchases, videos they watch and add to favorites, and much more,” says Alex Zakrevsky, CEO of Allroll.

Attriboost allows for the tracking of the entire user journey, from being occasional viewers to becoming paid subscription members. In addition, it’s possible to create custom events and get real-time analytics whenever necessary. The software enables comprehensive reports with detailed statistics within a single intuitive interface.

Attriboost provides different dashboards to take full control over advertising campaign performance. They allow viewing statistics on the number of user installations and further lifetime activity in the app: app launches, session length, their spends, and other custom events. Now it’s possible to track users retention, shares by geo-location and loyal users share.