TheViewPoint adds header bidding for CTV/OTT monetization

Thursday, February 4th, 2021
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TheViewPoint harnesses Header Bidding technology to elevate publishers’ monetization experience

TheViewPoint has integrated Header Bidding technology, providing publishers with the ability to receive bids from multiple SSPs simultaneously.

TheViewPoint, a SaaS CTV/OTT monetization platform for publishers, is now supporting the Header Bidding model for ad bidding. This will help media owners sell their ad inventory at the best price within every single auction.

The Header Bidding technology allows publishers to see all available bids being served from diverse pools of media buyers for a concrete impression, and automatically collects the highest one. Such an approach works perfectly for programmatic campaigns where the number of players per auction is immense.

Header Bidding has brought a better technical solution for CTV/OTT publishers to integrate with programmatic partners. TheViewPoint supports a server-side concept that reduces ad latency rates by shifting header bidding loads from clients’ apps onto the company’s servers. In effect, audience reach value is improved, which delivers an upsurge in fill rate.

“As a customer-centric technology company, we strive to provide our clients with the best monetization solutions available on the ad tech market. TVP is happy to announce that we’ve adopted the Header Bidding concept to overcome the flaws of older integration models, allowing CTV/OTT publishers to get the most of their programmatic campaigns.” — stated Daniel Elad, CSO at TheViewPoint.

The technology is based on the OpenRTB protocol, which has the upper hand against traditional VAST. For publishers, this integration brings enhanced control over ad units with a minimum number of attributes to be entered.