Samba TV launches SambaID proprietary identifier

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 
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Samba TV Launches SambaID to Drive More Efficiency and Transparency in the Advertising Ecosystem

  • Analytics leader creates opportunity to optimize campaigns for efficiency, effectiveness, and yield while bridging datasets to create new forms of currency

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States — Samba TV, a global leader in omniscreen advertising and analytics, today announced the launch of Samba TV’s proprietary identifier, SambaID, as part of its Samba TV Identity solution, giving marketers, publishers and platforms the ability to transact with each other using a variety of different currencies to optimize against, even in the post-cookie future.

As consumers shift fluidly between connected devices throughout their daily lives, marketers are challenged to map out the consumer journey while trying to understand the cumulative impact of their advertising in order to make optimizations and improve performance. That process is complicated by the fact that each consumer uses multiple devices, and each device can have multiple unique identifiers. This shift further exhibited between traditional linear TV to streaming video and Connected TV, offers the potential to improve performance, precision and efficiency of all TV advertising.

Samba TV Identity solves this issue by providing the deduplication that marketers need. The result is an accurate, scaled cross-device identity graph that helps control reach and frequency and allows marketers to accurately attribute their ROI across all channels. The overarching solution includes the proprietary SambaID identifier.

“Cookie and mobile ID deprecation is coming faster than advertisers would like to believe, and many simply aren’t prepared for a world where they’ll lose the identifier they’ve relied on thus far,” said Samba TV Co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “Without these IDs to deliver and measure campaigns, advertiser’s budgets will be wasted on campaigns that fail to coordinate messaging for target audiences across devices. This gets even more complicated as TV consumption shifts towards OTT. There is plenty of opportunity for advertisers to target and message their desired consumers, but they need an identifier that will survive the death of cookies and help them understand omniscreen performance. Samba TV Identity, including its proprietary identity resolution tools and SambaID, solves that issue and provides campaign performance cohesion.”

Samba TV Identity enables marketers to bring their various digital and offline data streams together to break down data silos and more easily access insights from a single view of their audience. The solution provides the ability to connect a full customer journey across their multiple touch points against a single, deduplicated SambaID which helps to ensure accurate measurement and attribution products. And, daily updates allow for fast optimization decisions to be leveraged within the flight of a campaign. Marketers leveraging Samba TV Identity are able to more efficiently allocate their budgets to further maximize for outcomes across a single, deduplicated audience.

“The need for a holistic view into a consumer’s journey across linear TV, over-the-top (OTT), and digital is paramount,” said tenured data analytics executive Wes Chaar. “By bridging full-funnel attribution and incremental purchase insights with a single Samba ID, you’re able to fuse deterministic shopper households with Samba TV’s deterministic TV households. The unique identifier, Samba ID, is instrumental in efforts to better understand and engage with our consumers.”

Samba TV’s proprietary identity resolution tools process and deduplicate customer data to identify which phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, and other digital devices belong to specific households with greater than 90 percent accuracy. This process begins with 100 percent opt-in, privacy-compliant deterministic data pulled from Samba-enabled Smart TVs.

Samba TV Identity is built on top of technology from Screen6, the cross-device attribution company that Samba TV acquired in 2019. Samba TV Identity uses a hybrid model built on a large deterministic truth set that is scaled by probabilistic algorithms. This multi-identifier pattern recognition model creates a robust and accurate Identity Graph, ensuring that advertisers get a view into all of the devices in a household.

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