Equativ integrates Samba TV viewership data

Monday, February 5th, 2024 
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Equativ Integrates Samba TV’s Viewership Data, Helping Advertisers Better Manage Reach, Frequency, and Retargeting

  • Partnership allows for greater precision in Connected TV targeting

NEW YORK — Equativ, the leading global independent ad platform, today announced an integration that will transform the ad-buying experience with Samba TV, the leading provider of TV technology for audience data and omniscreen measurement. Through this partnership, advertisers can now activate campaigns on the Equativ platform using Samba TV’s comprehensive first-party data to manage audience reach, frequency, and retargeting across Connected TV (CTV) and downstream formats.

This strategic enhancement to Equativ’s marketplace offering provides advertisers with the highest quality TV data for more precise targeting, ad performance, and efficiency. The integration of Samba TV’s data into Equativ’s platform will also inform more intelligent campaign decisions, resulting in increased return on ad spend (ROAS) for brands across two of the largest advertising sectors, including CPG and entertainment.

The integration provides Equativ’s ad buyers with the most granular insights into customers’ linear and streaming viewing to better target audiences. Samba TV’s comprehensive first-party dataset is sourced from more than 20 global television manufacturers and has been found to be the most representative in the U.S. Samba TV’s deterministic identity graph gives Equativ ad buyers a distinct advantage when targeting difficult to reach audiences.

“Equativ is committed to harmonizing the interests of media buyers and sellers by working with best-in-class data and measurement partners to give advertisers the power to reach audiences wherever they are,” said Equativ Vice President of Advanced TV Partnerships and Strategy Andrew Rosenman. “By bringing Samba TV segments into the Equativ data marketplace, our two companies are bringing the benefits of an open and transparent internet where all parties are primed for success.”

“Our integration with Equativ represents a step forward in targeted advertising,” said Samba TV CCO Aden Zaman. “At a time when every dollar counts, Samba TV’s comprehensive viewership data allows for a more granular level of targeting that was previously difficult to achieve, giving Equativ clients an edge when targeting audiences.”

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