t4h. Android TV remote control for SKY Brasil

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 
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t4h.’s (Tech4home) Revolutionary PALI Android TV Remote Control in Partnership with SKY Brasil for a Redefined TV Experience

  • t4h.’s PALI remote control launched in Brazil’s Pay-TV market with SKY Brasil
  • One of the first Android TV RCUs to enter Brazil’s Pay-TV market
  • PALI remote controls are fully compliant with Google’s guidelines for Android TV RCUs and pre-integrated with the Google Assistant
  • Seamless and lightning-fast navigation with easy access keys and a futuristic D-Pad Button

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our modernistic PALI Android TV remote control for SKY Brasil, the biggest Pay-TV operator by satellite in the country. PALI remote control will be one of the first Android TV RCUs to enter Brazil’s Pay-TV market.

This innovative remote control will certainly revamp the TV experience in the market with its bespoke, user-centric designs and cutting-edge technology.

t4h. is the leading Android TV RCU manufacturer for IPTV, Cable TV, satellite TV, and Pay-TV providers worldwide. Our industry-leading and award-winning remote control designs have led the torch in the global RCU industry with customer-centric innovations and modernistic features. Being one of the industry leaders with over 30 successful Android TV operator projects, we are delighted to enter Brazil’s Pay-TV market with our PALI remote control and expand our global market share.

“With the SKY Brasil solution and the modernistic PALI remote control of t4h., this partnership will surely contribute positively to the Brazil’s Pay-TV market and increase the standards for the end-user experience. SKY’s purpose is to deliver entertainment for all Brazilians and we are certain that SKY Connect will add value to the daily lives of our clients.” – Andre Ribeiro, Marketing Vice-President, SKY Brasil

PALI offers a balanced mixture of design and innovative functions, which provides an exceptional TV experience to end customers. It is fully compliant with Google’s guidelines for Android TV RCUs which makes it a standard choice for Android TVs. PALI’s ergonomic design provides a cohesive and convenient user experience by ensuring that every element or function is right where it should be.

The remote control also offers unmatchable navigation using features like Google Assistant, a futuristic D-Pad button, and easy access keys.

Braced with Google Assistant, PALI remote control offers quintessential navigation with powerful voice interactions. t4h.’s easy access enables quick select buttons which function as special shortcut keys that can be used to start a preinstalled function or a specific range of TV channels. Seamlessly easy access to prepared or operator exclusive apps/content ensures lightning-fast navigation and unrivaled end-user convenience. With Easy access, SKY Brasil’s TV service is just one click away.

“We, at t4h., endeavor to enter and lead new markets with our award-winning Android TV remote controls and enhance the TV experience with effortlessly engaging designs and modernistic technologies. With influential market leaders like Sky Brasil by our side, these revolutionary endeavors will surely help the whole RCU industry grow and move forward.” – Graça Candido, Commercial Director, t4h. (Tech4home)

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