Digital TV Labs Delivers DVB-T2 Receiver Testing

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Virtual RF Test Suite provides world’s first commercial DVB-T2 channel simulation

Digital terrestrial receiver and chip manufacturers can now test RF front-end performance against the new DVB-T2 specification with the launch of Digital TV labs DVB-T2 Virtual RF Test Suite. With the DVB-T-T2 specification only released in June this year, until now, there have been no commercial modulators or any other RF test equipment available to enable lab-based testing of new receiver designs. Launched by Digital TV Labs, the Test Suite consists of RF captures that will enable chip and receiver manufacturers to validate and optimise RF front-end performance in reproducible and repeatable lab conditions, in any worldwide location. The Test Suite will enable manufacturers to meet the aggressive development schedules needed to meet the 2009 launch of DVB-T2 services in the UK.

The DVB-T2 RF Capture library consists of real field recordings from the current UK trial broadcasts (in Guildford) and a set of captures made directly from the BBC’s DVB-T2 modulator. Manufacturers can ensure compatibility with real field conditions as well as ensuring compliance with different combinations that could be used for future broadcasts. The Test Suite is compatible with RF player equipment from a number of different suppliers. Alternatively, Digital TV Labs can test new DVB-T2 receiver designs as part of its ‘Virtual RF’ testing service in its Bristol, UK test centre or its new Far East facility in Taiwan. Receiver manufacturers can also access the RF captures as part of Digital TV Labs ‘Torture Room’ hosting service.

Keith Potter, CEO at Digital TV Labs commented, “With the new DVB-T2 specification slated to increase capacity in existing bandwidth to over 30%, it is expected other countries will adopt this new specification particularly to deliver bandwidth-hungry high definition services”. He added, “The DVB-T2 Virtual RF Test Suite will enable manufacturers to deliver these new demanding performance requirements in time for the UK and other roll-outs. We will also be updating the Test Suite with captures from other DVB-T2 modulators as they become available to enable better interoperability testing going forwards”.

The DVB-T2 Virtual RF Capture library augments Digital TV Labs Virtual RF Test Suite, consisting of thousands of benchmarked RF captures made right across Europe covering static and mobile DVB-T, DVB-H, analogue TV and DAB broadcasts.