Baltcom strengthens position in Eastern Latvia with Microlines acquisition

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 
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Baltcom Strengthens its Position in the Eastern Region of Latvia

Telecommunications company “Baltcom” strengthens its position in the Eastern region of Latvia by concluding a transaction on the purchase of the telecommunications group “Microlines”. “Microlines” group is one of the most significant and oldest regional operators providing internet and television services to customers in Rēzekne, Ludza, Preiļi, Krāslava, Līvāni, Gulbene, Balvi, Cēsis, Valka, Smiltene and other cities. Company group includes SIA “Microlines”, SIA “”, SIA “Elektrons”, SIA “Big Telecom”, SIA “QWERTY” and SIA “Clouds 365”.

“Baltcom” plans to continue the development of “Microlines” group, by improving the network infrastructure, expanding the range of services, offering customers convenient service and favourable prices.

“We are pleased with the successful conclusion of the transaction, which has been a major task for both parties and is in line with the strategic goals of “Baltcom”. “Baltcom” is a stable, reliable telecommunications company valued by its customers that has been developing telecommunication services in the market of Latvia for 30 years. We are pleased that an increasing number of customers in the regions will have access to telecommunication services, that are provided according to the high standards of “Baltcom,” emphasises Dmitrijs Ņikitins, CEO of Baltcom.

For the customers of “Microlines” companies this innovation will expand the range of services. Customers will have access to symmetrical optical internet offer with a speed of up to 1000 Mbit/s, TV products will become more diverse and the possibility to use electricity at one of the lowest tariffs in the country will be provided.

“Baltcom” informs that customers do not need to re-enter into contracts or sign agreements. The Services will be provided in accordance with the terms of existing “Microlines” customer contracts, therefore all of the foregoing terms and benefits remain in effect.
Already from December, “Microlines” customers will be able to receive all the necessary information and assistance by calling the “Baltcom” 24-hour customer support line +371 27370000, by e-mailing, the self-service portal, or by contacting “Baltcom” Customer Service Centres. The closest Baltcom customer centre for convenient service is located in Rēzekne, Daugavpils and Jēkabpils.

The transaction has become a logical step in the development of Baltcom and a market trend of telecommunications in Latvia, which recently demonstrates consolidation as the regional operators become part of large telecommunication operators. The parties must not disclose the amount of the transaction due to confidentiality agreements. Legal advice was provided to the buyer by Sworn Attorney Tīna Lūse.

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