Claro video comes to ZEASN-powered smart TVs in Latin America

Thursday, January 27th, 2022 
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Claro Video And ZEASN Ally To Expand Smart TV Reach In Latin America

MEXICO — ZEASN, the world’s leading provider of OTT and smart TV solutions, today happily announced that the popular streaming service Claro video is now made available on multiple ZEASN-supported smart TV brands, including AOC, Whale OS powered connected televisions. Through this collaboration, Claro video will dramatically increase its presence on TV screens in the fast-growing Latin American market, at the same time bringing its unparalleled high-quality content catalog into ZEASN’s Whale Eco platform.

Claro video is one leading streaming platform offering a subscription video on demand service, owned by América Móvil. Subscribers can enjoy the most complete multi-platform service with the best selection of movies, series, programs, documentaries, music, sports, live channels, and karaoke. The streaming service also offers a bunch of premium channels for users to subscribe to, including HBO, FOX SPORTS, NOGGIN, EDYE, PICARDÍA NACIONAL, STINGRAY KARAOKE, QELLO CONCERTS, ATRESplayer, RTVE Play+, and STARZPLAY. In addition, Claro Video continues to add more and more exciting films and original productions, expanding its high-quality content library.

Focused on the intelligent home industry, ZEASN has been providing customized and diversified digital entertainment solutions to more than 100 brands covering over 190 countries and regions. ZEASN’s Whale Developer Portal (please visit: offers a number of valuable resources for application developers. From Device Validation, Debugging, Cross-platform Adaptation, Development Docs, Platform Tools, to App Certification, Publishing, and much more. Whale Eco aims to help all the partners to build and monetize large audiences with ease and provides the partners with leading technologies, tools, and expertise to scale with speed while delivering compelling customer experiences all over the world.

“We are very excited to partner with Claro video, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of content and distribution. As more consumers transition to streaming services, the need for high-quality, branded content offerings continue to grow. Claro video offers an impressive line-up of content that consumers can access and enjoy anytime.” Commenting on the collaboration, Thomas Li, ZEASN Regional Director for Europe & LatAm, said, “This is an important development of Whale Eco’s strategy in Latin America. The partnership between Claro video and ZEASN highlights our commitment to uniting the leading smart device brands and top content providers through our innovative and industry-proven Whale OS. ”

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