VBox releases ATSC 3.0 Testbed version 2.5

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 
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VBox ATSC 3.0 Testbed – Version 2.5 Now Available

  • Our Newest Release For NextGenTV Developers & System Integrators
  • Supports Broadcast Apps, Datacasting Capabilities & Additional “Beyond TV” Functionality For Companion Devices

HERZLIYA, Israel — VBox Communications, a pioneering specialist in broadcast TV streaming, recording and digital datacasting, today announced the availability of Version 2.5 of its ATSC 3.0 Testbed platform – offering an array of new features and enhanced functionality for the NextGenTV product development community.

The VBox ATSC 3.0 Testbed – Version 2.5 platform enables unified analysis of both linear broadcast and “beyond TV” data signal provision, and introduces new functionalities such as:

  • Comprehensive ATSC 3.0 content reception and recasting capabilities across connected network devices – including Electronic Service Guide (ESG) information (Service Categories 1 & 4)
  • Fully supported ATSC 3.0 broadcast app accessibility, and interactive functionality present on Local and Multi screens: “Android App available”
  • Seamless enablement of Advanced Emergency Information (AEI) applications
  • Inclusive support for datacasting, remote/distance learning and other interactive applications (Service Category 3)
  • Harmonized delivery of primary and companion (CD) device a applications in accordance to ATSC 3.0 Standard A/338 (Beta)
  • Extensive SDK & testing documentation
  • Monitoring and Analysis tools built-in web management interface

The VBox ATSC 3.0 Testbed – Version 2.5 is aimed at assisting broadcast engineers, digital application developers, datacast system integrators, and NextGenTV technology vendors with a comprehensive, yet cost-effective toolkit to evaluate the viability of ATSC 3.0 product field trials and assess market launch success.

“As ATSC 3.0 market penetration approaches 50% of the US population, there is a growing need for assessing broadcast signal reception and testing ‘beyond TV’ data applications that the NextGenTV standard promises,” said Jonathan Rind, VBox Marketing Director. “VBox Communications is committed to the continued development of the most comprehensive tools for evaluating ATSC 3.0/NextGenTV features via its TestBed series, with a constant goal of being the go-to “future-proof” platform for the industry’s evolving needs.”

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