TVCoins launches white-label FAST platform with viewing incentives built-in

Thursday, August 18th, 2022 
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TVCoins Launches a Revolutionary New Approach to Streaming Video

  • The all-inclusive FAST platform is free to launch, requires no upfront investment and allows a quick and risk-free entry into the direct-to-consumer streaming market

BOSTON — TVCoins announces the launch of a disruptive white-label Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) platform with a built-in viewer incentive program. The platform enables content owners to publish their live and on-demand video with no upfront investment within days of signing up for the service. Telemedellín, one of the largest public TV channels in Colombia, used the TVCoins platform to deploy their new TM+ app, featuring prime content to iOS and Android devices worldwide. The app is publicly available today.

TVCoins began operations earlier this year, as a fully remote and virtual company. TVCoins brings a uniquely disruptive service to the video industry, by offering white label video streaming apps at no cost to its customers. TVCoins partners with its customers using an ad-supported, revenue share business model. Thanks to its curated network of ad supply and demand partnerships, TVCoins can launch their customer’s streaming apps for free! Content owners working with TVCoins now have a risk-free way of rapidly moving their content catalogs online and building their direct-to-consumer brand.

The Growth of TVCoins

The company’s management team includes experienced industry leaders, uniquely positioned to disrupt the streaming market by reducing significant barriers to entry for media companies and content owners of all sizes.

Leadership includes experienced media-tech executives, Yossi Aloni, founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Gustavo Marra, Chief Revenue Officer. The platform was built from the ground up by an engineering team led by founder and Chief Technology Officer, Marek Kielczewski. Marek brings over 20 years of streaming innovation experience.

“We set out to create a next-gen platform flexible enough to accommodate the needs of customers of any size with robust no-code customization, pre-integrated monetization and a flexible catalog that supports live channels, events, and various types of on-demand content. This platform is the first of its kind as it enables the deployment of an advanced, fully customizable streaming offering in a matter of days.” said Marek Kielczewski, CTO.

TVCoins and Telemedellín Go Live

Telemedellín, one of Colombia’s largest public television channels, brings its content to a convenient new platform with the launch of TM+. The app features the best of Telemedellín’s live and on-demand programming so that Colombians can enjoy it how they want, and when they want.

“Connecting with our audience is a main priority. And thanks to our partnership with TVCoins, we have managed to reach more Colombians with our original programming for News, Comedy, Culture, Sports, Documentaries and more. With this new streaming technology, viewers can access our live and on-demand content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and from anywhere in the world – at no additional cost,” says Deninson Mendoza Ramos, General Manager of Telemedellín. “As the main public television channel in the region, we are committed to exceeding the needs of our viewers and that’s exactly what we are attempting to do with TVCoins,” adds Mendoza.

How TVCoins’ Incentive Program Drives Engagement

True to its name, TVCoins is introducing a viewer incentive program. This unique feature is managed by TVCoins and built into the streaming apps. The incentive program is designed to drive traffic to the apps, encourage user engagement and reduce churn rates. “Since our platform is powered by advertising, a greater volume of engaged viewers drives revenue through highly targeted ad placements,” explains Gustavo Marra, TVCoins Chief Revenue Officer.

“The program works by distributing ‘coins’ to viewers as they watch content. Once the viewer has accumulated a certain number of coins, they can redeem vouchers of varying monetary value on the TVCoins website,” adds Marra.

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