Nex pioneers immersive motion entertainment experiences

Thursday, September 1st, 2022 
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Nex Pioneers Motion Entertainment With a Suite of Immersive Experiences for Mobile and the Living Room

  • Defining a new category of fun and interactivity, Nex will unveil how it turns camera-enabled devices into accessible playgrounds for physical activity at home

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Nex, a leader in motion entertainment, today announced it will be showcasing its broad portfolio of motion experiences and development tools at key consumer and industry events across the globe. In September, consumers at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) in Japan will get to experience a variety of new motion games and experiences that are accessible on existing consumer devices, while entertainment industry veterans at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam will be inspired to deliver next generation content and motion-enabled set-top-boxes for the living room that are turnkey for consumers.

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As pioneers in motion entertainment, Nex is paving the way to a powerful new interactive paradigm that taps into the pure joy of physical activity. Within its motion entertainment ecosystem, from music to sports, education, and interactive storytelling, the possibilities are endless. Compared to traditional video games and fitness apps, motion-based experiences blend movement and interactive content to make these gamified experiences more entertaining and second nature. The experiences require no headset, keyboard, or 16-button controller to enjoy and instead leverage natural body movement to interact with the myriad activities.

“We see a need to transform passive screen time into active playtime and help everyone rediscover the joy of movement,” said David Lee, co-founder and CEO of Nex. “By applying our motion technology and reimagining content together with our partners, we’re establishing an entirely new category of entertainment centered around physical motion. We believe the future of entertainment is fun, social, and also good for you.”

From Sept. 15-18, TGS attendees will have a first look into Nex’s broad portfolio of motion entertainment experiences at their booth (#5-C23 in the VR/ AR area), including:

  • Starri, a new immersive music rhythm game launching worldwide on Sept. 15
  • Party Fowl, a fun multiplayer party game for the whole family
  • Tiny Karts (working title), a magical kart racing obstacle course adventure
  • Air Racer, a 3D flight simulation game you fly naturally with your body
  • Active Arcade, a collection of motion arcade mini games with more than 3.6 million downloads to date

Lifestyle image with Starri

Nex’s motion experiences are currently available on billions of camera-enabled consumer devices such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. To help the motion entertainment ecosystem accelerate, Nex has developed content tools to enable IP holders and entertainment brands to create motion experiences. This includes the Nex MDK (Motion Developer Kit), a breakthrough toolkit for building motion-powered sports, fitness, and gaming experiences right within Unity.

Nex is also working with key OEMs and Operators in developing a next generation living room experience, providing even more immersive motion entertainment experiences on the latest smart TVs. Currently, the company is working with Sky, Europe’s leading media and entertainment company, to bring motion entertainment to subscribers on Sky Glass, their streaming TV, in the near future. Additionally, Nex has developed a hardware reference design program for Operators around the world to deliver motion-enabled solutions for consumers from their preferred TV provider. Broadcast industry leaders attending IBC on Sept. 9-12 will be able to explore the Nex Motion Entertainment Hardware Reference Design and the MDK at Nex’s partner SEI Robotics’ booth (#5.F64).

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