Vestel launches 97XX 4K UHD set-top box series

Friday, September 16th, 2022 
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Vestel launches 97XX 4K UHD Set-top Box Series

Vestel, one of the top three consumer electronics manufacturers in Europe, has announced the launch of its 97XX Series of 4K UHD Set-top Boxes.

Designed to deliver a seamless, exceptional value home entertainment experience from within an ultra-compact, minimalist design, the series includes smart as well as non-smart set-top box options, with either T2 only or triple-tuner T2/C/S2 DVBs.

Vestel 97XX series STB - white

Reflecting the hallmark quality and value for which Vestel has built its name, the new MediaTek K8 chipset-powered series addresses the growing market need for high-performance set-top boxes that can offer 4K Ultra HD picture quality.

HDMI 2.0b ready, all the model variants in the range are capable of delivering ultra-crisp, vibrant and detailed 4K video at sixty frames per second, making them ideal for viewing the rapidly expanding library of 4K movies, series and live events being produced.

The Wi-Fi enabled, smart set-top box option, with its support for the hybrid digital TV industry standard, Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV), ensures seamless delivery of free-to-air broadcasting and IPTV.

Ideal for creating a dynamic entertainment hub with access to a wider variety of content, it comes pre-installed with some of the most popular apps, including YouTube and Prime Video.

Next-generation audio-visual performance

Designed to add value to the premium over-the-top set-top box market, the 97XX streaming box further strengthens the entertainment experience with a stand-out audio-visual performance.

The model’s support for best-in-class dynamic HDR format, Dolby Vision, enhances the picture performance with ultra-vivid colours, as well as incredible brightness and contrast.

Compatible with next-generation-data-saving video codec standard, AV1, it also ensures future-proof and optimal picture quality for increasingly high frame and resolution content of all the most popular video streaming services, including YouTube and Prime Video.

Integrated with Dolby Atmos, the model’s audio support is equally noteworthy, enabling a multi-dimensional sound experience that goes beyond traditional left and right channels.

Additionally, with next-generation audio codec standard, AC4, the model is already set to provide the most efficient, data-saving support for Dolby.

Both the smart and non-smart model variants can be customised to deliver different levels of personal video recorder (PVR) functionality, with dual or triple DVR tuner options.

The triple tuner models are also ready to support subscribed services from cable providers. The first production of models will come with a CI+ 1.4 compatible design, and those to follow next year, with CI+ 2.0 compatibility.

Space-saving and minimalist design

All the smart and non-smart model variants are set to de-clutter home entertainment units and shelving, offering a premium, space-saving and minimalist design, as well as the option of a learning remote control for a single, all-in-one remote solution.

Smart remote control

For the smart models, there is also the option of a smart remote control, which ensures one-click access to some of the most popular streaming apps with its YouTube and Prime Video dedicated buttons. In addition to this, to personalise the home entertainment experience, the remote comes with My Fav App buttons, which enable viewers to click through to their preferred, pre-selected streaming apps.

Of the launch, Barış Altınkaya, Vestel Vice President of Marketing and Product Management said: “Whether it’s for partners looking to deliver wallet-friendly PVR solutions, or cutting-edge smart set-top box experiences, the 97XX Series is designed to provide exceptional value.

“Supporting all the latest audio-visual technologies and standards, Vestel can, with this range, offer premium set-top box designs, while also streamlining cost-efficiencies and speed to market, thanks to its incredible economies of scale.”

The smart set-top box model will be available from the end of September, and the non-smart model is available now.

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