Havas Media to integrate Samba TV data into its audience platform

Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 
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Havas Media Group (HMG) North America Partners with Samba TV to Integrate Linear TV, Streaming, and Gaming Data into Company’s Proprietary Converged Platform

  • Integration of the Industry’s Most Representative TV and Streaming Data Will Provide HMG Clients Access to Powerful New Audience Insights

NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO — Havas Media Group (HMG) North America and Samba TV announced today they are partnering to integrate Samba TV’s industry-leading OTT and linear television viewing data into Converged, HMG’s proprietary audience and data management platform. With this partnership, HMG North America will become the first major agency holding company to fully integrate Samba TV’s rich television and gaming viewership data.

Each year, consumers continue to shift their viewership preferences across various programming and streaming services, making an increasingly expanded set of choices about where they spend their time. Samba TV’s viewership insights are sourced from more than 24 diverse television manufacturers, creating a highly representative viewership data set that will provide HMG clients with granular insights into the household viewing behaviors of their customers to guide future media buying strategies.

“Samba TV’s direct relationship with the consumer and the accuracy of their data – which we have found to be the most representative TV data set in the U.S. – will provide our clients with powerful new tools and insights needed to find difficult to reach audiences and engage consumers today across every screen,” said Mike Bregman, Havas Media Group North America Chief Data Officer. “Modern media is about more than just Reach and Frequency – our approach prioritizes identifying the right environment based on the ability to foster meaningful connections with viewers. This partnership allows us to understand how consumers spend time across screens and the ability to analyze the unique value media has for each one of our clients.”

The partnership adds Samba TV’s rich layer of viewership behaviors to other data sources already integrated into Converged, such as purchase behavior and other advertiser first-party data sources, allowing HMG teams to create more sophisticated customer viewing insights for its media clients. This important dataset inclusion enables HMG North America to further develop its innovative technology and data stack and provide unique solutions to clients, while also helping to improve the way the agency drives brand results across planning, activation, and measurement.

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“Havas Media is on the leading edge of Audience Insights with their Converged platform. With the integration of Samba’s TV data, Havas will understand the linear and streaming TV viewing behaviors of their clients’ most valuable customer prospects as opposed to legacy age and gender proxies, rendering their media and investment strategies far more business-focused and effective,” said Kris Magel, Head of Agency and Publisher Solutions at Samba TV.

The partnership follows a recent report from the independent research firm Frost & Sullivan, which determined Samba TV to be the leading provider of television data capabilities.

“With companies in this market all having large datasets, Frost & Sullivan believes that partner diversity and measurement capabilities truly separates top providers. Across 25 key attributes assessed for the 2022 Frost Radar™: Television Viewership Data, no other company in the market today provides the range of partnerships and breadth of capabilities as Samba TV,” said Robert Cavin, Senior Consultant at Frost & Sullivan.

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