6G-Datacast.tv offers datacasting protocol for ATSC 3.0

Thursday, November 10th, 2022 
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6G-Datacast.tv, LLC Develops Transformational Communication Protocol

TAMPA, Fla. — CEA Group (CEA) is pleased to announce an exclusive representation agreement on a revolutionary technology for the communications industry.

6G-Datacast.tv, LLC (6G-Datacast.TV) has developed and patented a transformational communication protocol by which a serial data stream is pushed to unlimited numbers of clients wirelessly. 6G-Datacast.TV supports and is a part of multiple ATSC 3.0 initiatives and its technology makes good on the standard’s promise of datacasting. 6G-Datacast.TV’s patented IP broadcast protocols are the first and only protocols that make it possible to broadcast a live, linear, data stream and have successfully demonstrated the ability to broadcast any type of IP data to audiences of unlimited size, with virtually zero latency. Evolved from telemetry developed for CBS Sports/Paramount’s auto racing coverage, we now offer a robust uni-directional transmission protocol useful for any and all over-the-air and over-the-top distribution. AT&T currently licenses on a nonexclusive basis the protocol branding it as AT&T Mobilecast.

Advantages of 6G-Datacast.TV’s protocol:

  • Linear data stream broadcasting
  • Near zero latency
  • Reduces bandwidth and infrastructure necessary to deliver serial streams of data

Fundamentally different from existing distribution protocols which require file transfers to be unicast over a bi-directional network, 6G-Datacast.TV enables any type of data to be multicast to all client devices with virtually zero latency while incorporated or synchronized with video/audio all-in-one broadcast. The Bandwidth required to deliver the data is reduced and no return wireless network is required.

The proprietary and patented protocol requires no hardware modification to any existing receivers including iOS and Android devices.

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Critical infrastructure data such as emergency broadcasts, transportation data, etc.
  • Providing data to receivers with zero latency such as gaming opportunities, sports betting, etc.
  • Wireless distribution and control of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart home appliances, cars, etc.

These unique capabilities are available immediately by licensing the technology.

6G-Datacast.tv, LLC is owned by CeWi Networks, Inc. and All 6G, LLC.

Links: CEA Group; 6G-Datacast.tv