TVCoins develops FAST app for Bethel Televisión

Wednesday, December 28th, 2022 
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TVCoins Selected by Bethel Televisión to Deploy Its Global Streaming Platform

  • The Christian Television Network Aims to Reach New Audiences with the Re-Launch of Bethel Plus

BOSTON — TVCoins announces that it was selected by Bethel Televisión to carry out the new development and re-launch of Bethel Plus, a new Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) platform. Bethel Plus is available to download today on iOS, Android, and Roku devices.

Founded in 1998, Bethel Televisión offers a variety of original content with the goal of strengthening moral and spiritual values. The network focuses its programming in the areas of education, health, and culture. After launching a streaming service two years ago with a third-party vendor, Bethel Televisión made the decision to re-launch the platform – this time with the support of TVCoins.

“We’re very happy with our decision to re-launch the Bethel Plus app with TVCoins,” explained Miguel Ángel Ángeles, CEO of Bethel Televisión. “This customized app will support our goal of reaching audiences around the world. I appreciate the dedicated and efficient support that the TVCoins team provided throughout the process,” added Miguel.

On December 17, Bethel Televisión officially announced the new Bethel Plus app at its annual community event, “Lanzamiento de Lema”, with thousands in attendance. Coverage of the event was broadcasted live on Bethel Plus, where they discussed the network’s ongoing globalization efforts.

Bethel Televisión is also developing premium content specifically for the new streaming service. Bethel Plus viewers were given exclusive access to a newly released feature film, “Padre de Mentira”, which can only be viewed on the app. In addition to new content, several past series will be re-uploaded to the app and an additional live channel will also be implemented.

“Uploading exclusive content will help motivate Bethel’s existing audience to switch to the app,” said Gustavo Marra, Chief Revenue Officer of TVCoins. “It presents a clear value-add that can be very effective in changing viewing habits.”

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