El Financiero Bloomberg TV develops streaming app with TVCoins

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 
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El Financiero Bloomberg TV Launches Global Streaming Service in Partnership with TVCoins

  • The Mexico-based business and economic news outlet expands content offering to include the free app, El Financiero Bloomberg+

BOSTON — El Financiero Bloomberg TV has announced the launch of a direct-to-consumer app that allows users to stream the network’s premium news programming and licensed Bloomberg content throughout Latin America and the United States.

El Financiero worked together with TVCoins to create the El Financiero Bloomberg+ app, with the goal of expanding its global reach. By taking advantage of TVCoins’ white-label video streaming platform that delivers live content and video on-demand through Connected TV and mobile platforms, the app was developed in a matter of weeks with careful attention to its customized look and feel.

We were excited to digitize El Financiero’s content and facilitate a direct connection with new and existing audiences.

“El Financiero is one of the most important news media in the region, reaching millions of viewers in various cities in Mexico and neighboring countries with its original programming in association with Bloomberg,” said Gustavo Marra, Chief Revenue Officer at TVCoins. “We were excited to digitize El Financiero’s content and help facilitate a direct connection with new and existing audiences through the deployment of a white-label app.” added Marra.

El Financiero’s digital media content has the support and journalistic expertise of the El Financiero newspaper that specializes in finance, economy, business, and politics in Mexico. The company prides itself on cross-platform journalism that presents valuable information, analyses, and the contextualization of events – aware that its journalistic value influences public opinion and decision-making.

Ariel Barajas, Director of El Financiero Bloomberg TV, points out that “the El Financiero linear TV channel can only be seen within Mexican territory. Now, through the TVCoins app, we can reach audiences outside the country. The app is open to the public and 100% free. It is now possible to watch our exceptional business content on iOS, Android and Roku, in addition to traditional channels” added Barajas.

El Financiero Bloomberg TV’s live programming includes 13 hours in English, transmitted directly from Wall Street in New York City (from 2:00 to 15:00 hours), as well as production in Spanish which is generated from the facilities in Mexico City (from 15:00 to 02:00 hours). App users will also have unlimited access to on-demand episodes of well-regarded opinion and analysis programming.

The network broadcasts series that are highly specialized in economics and business such as “Al Sonar la Campana” (with Susana Saenz) and “Ganadores y perdedores” (with Victor Piz), both highly respected journalists in the sector. In outstanding content of opinion, it has “Al Cierre” (with Leonardo Kourchenko), “Silla Roja” (with Enrique Quintana) and “Entre dichos” (with René Delgado). Additionally, there’s “El Financiero a las 20h” with Sofia Villalobos and “Con Ortega a las 10pm” hosted by prominent journalist, Guillermo Ortega.

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