Telenor adds edge QAM device management from Teleste

Thursday, February 16th, 2023 
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Teleste’s new software helps Telenor ensure excellent broadcast TV service

TURKU, Finland — The Swedish TV operator Telenor has deployed Teleste’s Argus Luminato Manager to manage its edge QAM devices. The operator has been using Teleste’s Luminato 4X4 headend as an edge QAM platform since 2021, and the new software now helps it carry out the management of the devices remotely.

In order to ensure excellent broadcast TV service, the edge QAM devices must be effectively configured and seamlessly updated even after the installation. Typically, carrying out the management operations in the field is a time-consuming task that requires truck rolls from one edge QAM station to another. With the Argus Luminato Manager software, the regular on-site visits can now be avoided, which makes the management work considerably faster and cost-efficient. This is further reinforced by the possibility to run mass configurations, also enabled by the software.

“Since we started to use the Luminato Manager in production in September 2022, we have noticed that this Argus Server plugin saves us a lot of time when it comes to downloading Luminato 4×4 configurations and uploading new software and licences. Luminato Manager also gives us a much better and quicker overall status/health view of all our Luminato 4x4s in operation. Overall, it’s a very handy tool to manage the Luminato 4×4”, said Thomas Nordh, Digital Home and TV, Telenor Sverige AB.

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