iKO Media Group launches iKOGUIDE TV guide editor

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 
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iKO Media Group announces the launch of iKOGUIDE, the ultimate TV guide editor

  • iKOGUIDE is available for both Satellite TV and OTT TV channels

PFAFFIKON, Switzerland — iKO Media Group, a leading global end-to-end service provider for broadcasters and content owners, has announced the launch of iKOGUIDE, the ultimate TV guide editor.

Revolutionize your TV viewing experience with iKO Media Group’s latest innovation, iKOGUIDE. With the DTH market offering more than 5,000 channels in MENA and Europe alone, it can be a daunting task for viewers to keep track of scheduled programs without a proper TV guide. That’s why iKOGUIDE is the ultimate TV guide editor, providing TV channels with an easy-to-use solution for managing, customizing, enhancing and enriching their TV guides and their TV channel. With features such as automated scheduling, program templates, and the ability to add missing metadata and thumbnails from sources like IMDB/TMDB/Google Photos, creating a stunning and professional TV guide has never been easier.

“We are thrilled to introduce iKOGUIDE, the ultimate TV guide editor, to our customers,” said Sharon Malkiel, iKO Media Group Head of Cloud Services. “Not only will it save time and resources for TV channels, but it will also ensure a good viewer experience and channel loyalty. In today’s world, all channels should have EPG at this level.”

A proper program guide not only enhances the viewer experience but can also open up additional revenue streams for channels. With iKOGUIDE, TV channels can easily promote and highlight their programs and sponsorships, ultimately increasing their brand visibility and revenue. The customizable and automated features of iKOGUIDE make it easy for channels to feature sponsored content and generate revenue through advertising, which is critical in the highly competitive television industry. iKOGUIDE enables channels to seamlessly incorporate sponsored content into their program guide, giving viewers a clear and engaging picture of their options, and offering advertisers a valuable opportunity to reach their target audience. With iKOGUIDE, channels can stay ahead of the competition and unlock new revenue streams.

iKOGUIDE allows for easy import of data from any XML, CSV, or spreadsheet, without the need for reorganizing data. It also offers complete control over updating existing content and scheduling, with automatic scheduling and easy setup that works on any host. Starting today, iKOMG customers can create their TV guide and push it to satellite as a service.

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