Spectrum Reach taps Beachfront for programmatic monetization of convergent TV

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 
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Spectrum Reach Taps Beachfront For Unified Ad Serving and Programmatic Monetization Across Convergent TV

  • Partnership Unlocks Ad Sales Interoperability Across Spectrum Reach’s Footprint

NEW YORK — Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales business of Charter Communications, Inc., (NASDAQ: CHTR), and Beachfront, the sell-side ad server built for convergent TV, today announced a partnership that allows Spectrum Reach to serve ads in a programmatic fashion across traditional set-top box TV, connected TV and online video platforms in a privacy-focused manner.

“Our collaboration with Beachfront is moving the industry forward by unlocking the massive scale of linear TV and providing programmatic TV buyers with new inventory sources,” said Rob Klippel, Senior Vice President, Advertising Products & Strategy, Spectrum Reach. “For Spectrum Reach, the innovation achieved through this partnership will empower advertisers to more efficiently and effectively reach their audiences across all TV platforms, in a privacy-focused way.”

Spectrum Reach’s patent pending technology, which is powered in part by Beachfront’s sell-side ad server, enables the scalable insertion and delivery of linear advertising in a QAM set-top box environment. The partnership with Beachfront will allow Spectrum Reach to sell linear and streaming TV inventory in a more automated, fluid, and interoperable manner, enabling advertisers to buy premium, multi-screen media on an impression-basis through a unified marketplace.

“As CTV and traditional cable TV have converged, media owners and distributors have sought more consolidated, efficient ways to manage and monetize their premium ad inventory,” said Chris Maccaro, CEO of Beachfront. “Our partnership with Spectrum Reach is another exciting example of how Beachfront’s award-winning technology is helping modern TV media sellers unlock the full value of their multi-screen inventory and streamline ad operations.”

At launch, advertisers and programmatic traders can buy this unique convergent TV supply from Spectrum Reach and Beachfront through approved demand-side platform (DSP) partners. In accessing and activating this inventory, media buyers are afforded the ability to reach highly-engaged, subscriber-authenticated audiences across brand-safe TV programming.

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