Viaccess-Orca integrates generative AI with Microsoft

Thursday, September 14th, 2023 
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Viaccess-Orca Teams Up With Microsoft to Harness the Power of Generative AI for Video Service Providers

  • First Areas of Collaboration to Include Enhanced Personalized Content Discovery, Recommendations, and Protection Through VO’s Integration of LLMs on Azure

PARIS — Viaccess-Orca (VO), a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, announced today that it is collaborating with Microsoft on new advancements in generative AI. At IBC2023, VO will showcase how it is harnessing the latest innovations in large language models (LLM) through integration with LLMs on Microsoft Azure including Azure OpenAI Service to enhance personalized content discovery, recommendations, and protection.

“The video industry will be profoundly transformed by generative AI, and we are excited to join forces with Microsoft to lead the next frontier of media supply chain innovation,” said Alain Nochimowski, CTO at Viaccess-Orca. “This collaboration brings together VO’s security expertise and unique data and AI know-how with Microsoft Azure OpenAI, one of the most indispensable tools for LLM. Together, we are thrilled to offer innovative, practical solutions that enable video service providers to benefit from the tremendous opportunities offered by generative AI while addressing existing concerns around intellectual property, brand identity, and business sovereignty.”

The integration of the Azure OpenAI service run strictly from VO’s tenant on the Azure cloud bears the promise of increased model flexibility, scalability, and computational efficiency for video service providers. The use of LLMs also deeply enriches VO product portfolio with new capabilities. VO will highlight several LLM-fuelled innovations at IBC2023, including:

  • Personalized content discovery and recommendations: VO will showcase advanced personalized content recommendations through the alignment and orchestration of pre-trained LLMs and leveraging the rich TV data collected from VO’s TV platform for model fine-tuning. The high-quality representations offered by LLMs can boost recommendation outcomes, leading to improved user interactions, and provide better explainability.
  • Protecting brand identity and intellectual property throughout the digital media supply chain: LLM-generated synthetic content within the media creation pipeline poses formidable challenges, such as the risk of deepfakes, to brands and content owners. VO will showcase a mitigation approach through its watermarking solution.

“Microsoft Azure empowers Viaccess-Orca to protect intellectual property and brand identity through the power of generative AI. The expertise of Viaccess-Orca in the media supply chain empowered with Azure OpenAI service will help the video industry achieve its first step on its AI transformation,” said Xavier Perret, Azure Director, Microsoft France.

VO will demonstrate its AI innovation at IBC2023 at stand 1.A51.

Links: Viaccess-Orca; Microsoft Azure