Rokid shows portable Android TV device for AR glasses at IBC

Friday, September 15th, 2023 
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Rokid showcases the Rokid Station Android TV OS™ Device at IBC 2023

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Rokid, a pioneer in human-computer interaction technology, showcased its Rokid Station Android TV device at IBC 2023, a premier trade show for technological innovation held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jointly developed by Rokid and HiMedia, the Rokid Station works with augmented reality (AR) glasses to enable a private and portable cinematic experience anytime, anywhere.

“The Rokid Station packs an unprecedented cinematic experience into a portable Android TV device that can be carried anywhere,” said Hui Du, Rokid VP, Head of Rokid Hardware Design Center. “Its intuitive controls are the natural complement to the Rokid Max AR glasses that deliver stunning visual fidelity. As a portable Android TV device for AR glasses, the Rokid Station enables users to experience their favorite big screen contents like never before.”

As a portable Android TV device for AR glasses, Rokid Station brings your favorite apps and games to your virtual screen with Google Play. You can download your favorite apps and games including streaming platforms like Hulu and Disney+. Together with the Rokid Max AR glasses, the Rokid Station forms the Rokid Joy Pack, enabling a remarkable 215-inch virtual display for a private cinema anywhere. Its compact and premium design incorporates powerful hardware and a battery that lasts up to five hours of video playback on a full charge. And to ensure players never miss a move in an intense gaming session, the Rokid Station comes with responsive, tactile buttons that can keep pace with the action.

Equipped with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation’s OLED displays, the Rokid Max offers vibrant colors and deep contrast. Despite its compact size similar to regular glasses, the Rokid Max provides a remarkable 215-inch virtual screen, truly replicating the immersive experience of a full-sized cinema. The display’s 120Hz refresh rate guarantees a smooth viewing experience and also supports three degrees of freedom in compatible AR experiences. During use, the Rokid Max prioritizes privacy by significantly reducing front light leakage by 90%. Additionally, with a brightness of up to 600 nits and a set of lens covers, the Rokid Max ensures visibility even in outdoor environments.

The Rokid Max comes with a diopter lens adjustment feature for expanded vision compatibility, ranging from 0.00 to -6.00 D. For vision support outside of its adjustment range, Rokid Max also accommodates prescription lens inserts provided by Lensology.

No entertainment experience is complete without impactful audio. To meet this criteria, two professional-grade directional speakers on the Max deliver rich and powerful sound, completing the overall experience. The speakers feature a patented design that effectively suppresses sound volume leakage to enhance privacy and increase immersion.

Rokid is committed to innovation on all fronts. Looking ahead, the development of new display technology and optical solutions, combined with the evolution of spatial computing and the enhanced computational capabilities enabled by “standalone endpoint + AR glasses,” will elevate AR experiences to new heights and create greater value for users across a broader range of scenarios.

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