Globecast provides playout and distribution for the Stellar Network

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 
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Globecast creates fully managed cloud playout and multi-distribution service for the Stellar Network

LOS ANGELES — The Stellar Network, a newly created African American cultural linear TV and FAST channel from Central City Productions, has partnered with Globecast for the launch and ongoing fully managed cloud playout and distribution of the services.

Chicago-based Central City Productions is a well-established name in the African American entertainment field, headed up by Don Jackson and Jennifer Jackson. It has a rich history in content creation, promotion and syndication for more than a half-century, with many of the shows becoming bedrock programming for African American audiences. The Stellar Network is a new linear and FAST channel – with associated VOD content also available – tapping into the company’s vast library of material as well as including a wide range of new programming.

Lou DiMauro, Vice President of Sales, Globecast, said, “Following an in-depth consultation process, it was clear the Stellar Network required an end-to-end solution, including content curation and preparation along with playout and distribution of both the linear and FAST TV channels as well as a VOD library. Extending our well-established partnership approach, in conjunction with our market-leading cloud acumen, we’ve created a full-service solution, operating as the outsourced integrator and point of contact for the channel to ensure the seamless creation, playout and distribution of all services.”

Globecast has expanded its already-established relationship with LA-based Network In A Box (NIAB), a company specializing in branding, positioning and curation, as well as platform operations. NIAB is handling the content preparation – programming, scheduling, traffic, quality control and delivery – for both the linear and FAST program services. Content is uploaded to Globecast’s AWS platform. Globecast then handles the cloud playout, using Inetsat technology, and fiber distribution to MPVDs.

Globecast has also contracted LA-based MuxIP, experts in streaming channel preparation and playout, who also access Globecast’s cloud storage to pull together the FAST channel and associated VOD content. This is then supplied to streaming platform Xumo TV across smart TVs and its app.

Don Jackson, Founder & Chairman of the Stellar Network, said, “As a Black-owned television network, we have over 5 decades of experience in creating alluring content for African American audiences and we have been eager to expand our portfolio with dedicated linear and FAST TV channels. We needed a partner with a reputation for premium quality to whom we could outsource the complete technical supply chain. It was very quickly clear that Globecast is ideally positioned to create the fully managed service we need. We are very pleased to be working with leading experts in the field so we can concentrate on our core strengths in the creation, production, distribution and securing major advertising partners in support of Black owned and targeted programming to Black audiences.”

DiMauro said, “We are delighted the Stellar Network has placed its trust in us. We are providing a one-stop shop for them across the complete supply chain. Using our well-established partnership approach allows all involved to maximize their skillsets, concentrating fully on what each partner does best while providing a single point of contact. This maximizes efficiencies, creating the most targeted approach to ensure premium quality and ultimate content monetization.”

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