A1 Telekom Austria expands use of Actus Digital's monitoring platform

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 
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A1 Telekom Austria Group Expands its Use of Actus Digital Broadcast Compliance and Monitoring Solution

  • Actus Digital Intelligent Monitoring Platform Supports a Diverse Range of Use Cases, Including Compliance Recording and Technical Monitoring

BOSTON — Actus Digital, the premiere solutions provider for broadcast compliance logging, quality monitoring, alerting, advanced editing, content repurposing, and AI-based workflows, announced today that A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading operator in Austria, is expanding its use of the company’s intelligent monitoring platform. With the Actus platform, A1 Telekom Austria Group can monitor its in-house quality of service as well as provide its broadcast customers with remote content monitoring, clips creation and export capabilities, and more. The operator is using the Actus platform for a diverse range of use cases such as for compliance recording; monitoring of loudness, SCTE-104/35, subtitle, multiple audio languages; as well as for technical monitoring and real-time alerts on audio, video, and metadata issues.

Actus Digital's Clip Factory Pro for advanced clipping

Actus Digital's Clip Factory Pro for advanced clipping

“As a network operator and media service provider, supporting our broadcast customers’ evolving requirements is a top priority for us,” said Josef Windisch, technical project and presales manager at A1 Telekom Austria Group. “Actus Digital’s monitoring solution is easy to use and offers functionalities beyond mere compliance tasks so that we are ready for future requirements. The platform’s unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and feature-rich capabilities are reasons why we continue to be a longtime, satisfied customer of Actus Digital.”

Actus Digital’s platform offers a wider range of features compared with traditional broadcast monitoring systems, providing increased value to customers. A1 Telekom Austria Group’s broadcast customers can remotely access the Actus platform, enabling them to instantly monitor their content, quality of their channels, and ads.

Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform interface with SCTE
Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform interface with SCTE

A1 Telekom Austria Group is also using the Actus platform to improve its quality of service assurance. By providing real-time alerts on a variety of A/V impairments, the Actus platform helps the operator to ensure outstanding audio and video quality.

“With more than 5.4 million mobile and 2.3 million fixed-line customers, A1 Telekom Austria Group is a media operator with a growing number of broadcast monitoring requirements,” said Sima Levy, CEO at Actus Digital. “We’re happy to support the evolving needs of A1 Telekom, as they expand their reach, with a one-stop-shop solution for everything from broadcast monitoring to quality alerts and more.”

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