Bouygues Telecom streams video in Multicast ABR with Broadpeak

Thursday, November 23rd, 2023 
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Bouygues Telecom Becomes First Operator in France to Stream Video in Multicast ABR With Broadpeak’s nanoCDN

CESSON-SEVIGNE, France — Broadpeak®, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, announced today that Bouygues Telecom, a global communications operator in France, has deployed Broadpeak’s nanoCDN™ multicast ABR technology. nanoCDN decreases the impact of streaming on the network while guaranteeing optimal video experience. Offered on Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Smart TV[1], multicast ABR will be available on more than 30 high-audience channels by early 2024.

As the consumption of streaming video content continues to grow, it results in a significant increase in the amount of data delivered via operators’ networks. To address this shift in usage, Bouygues Telecom has started using Broadpeak and its nanoCDN multicast ABR technology, which reduces traffic by 90% compared to unicast content without compromising the quality of experience.

Broadpeak’s nanoCDN multicast ABR solution includes a software in the headend, which pulls source ABR (adaptive bit rate) streams and embeds them into multicast — solving scalability and potential quality issues. The nanoCDN agent, within the home gateways, converts the received stream back to unicast, enabling video delivery to the Bbox Smart TV.

Since May, multicast ABR has been available to those Bouygues Telecom customers who have subscribed to a Bbox Smart TV1 and are equipped with a compatible modem. Since then, several channels have been gradually activated with multicast ABR, with results showing a 94% decrease in delivered data volume over the past three months.

Building on this success, the technology will be offered for a total of 30 high-traffic channels by early 2024, including general and news channels, as well as sports and entertainment channels.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Bouygues Telecom and offer them an innovative solution to manage video traffic peaks, especially during live events,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO of Broadpeak. “nanoCDN allows Bouygues Telecom to guarantee an excellent experience to its subscribers, an increasingly important requirement among end users.”

Already available to some Bouygues Telecom customers, Broadpeak’s multicast ABR solution will be gradually deployed to the entire Bbox Smart TV user base.

1. Bouygues Telecom customers who have subscribed to the Bbox Smart TV and are equipped with a compatible modem.

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