Anoki launches AI-powered experience on Google TV

Thursday, May 2nd, 2024 
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Anoki Elevates Personalized Content Discovery with AI-Powered Experience on Google TV

SAN FRANCISCO — Anoki, a leader in generative AI for Connected TVs (CTV), today announced the launch of Live TVx, a groundbreaking free streaming service on Google TV devices. Live TVx is starting to roll out to select existing and new Google TV and Android TV OS devices in the US, with additional OEMs and key markets to come in the future. Live TVx marks a significant leap forward in personalized content discovery, utilizing advanced Anoki AI to curate and prioritize channels based on individual user viewing habits. Live TVx seamlessly provides a unified and intuitive user experience.

Anoki Live TVx on Google TV - screenshot

Discovery Reimagined: Finding captivating content on streaming TV platforms can be overwhelming with so many options. Anoki tackles this challenge head-on, by leveraging AI to understand individual viewing habits and dynamically adjust the channel line-up. Live TVx intelligently learns individual preferences, ensuring relevant channels rise to the top, regardless of when or what content is viewed.

Personalized for Every Moment: “Anoki leverages the power of AI to personalize the experience for each user and ensure that they see the content they truly want, when they want it,” said Raghu Kodige, CEO of Anoki. “Anoki leverages generative AI to personalize even the ad experience by matching ads that are contextually relevant to the content that users are watching.”

Advanced Advertising Solutions:

Anoki unlocks new avenues for advertisers seeking to engage CTV audiences:

  • Premium CTV Inventory: Anoki offers unique access to premium CTV inventory within LiveTVx, reaching highly engaged viewers across diverse content.
  • AI-Driven Contextual Targeting: Leverage Anoki’s genAI technology to tailor ad campaigns based on real-time contextual data and historical viewership patterns, achieving unmatched precision and engagement.
  • Addressable Creatives: Utilize Anoki’s powerful genAI engine to create dynamic and personalized ad creatives that resonate with individual viewers, driving superior campaign performance.

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