Xceive and Conexant Deliver PCTV Reference Designs For Worldwide Markets

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
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New Solutions Allow Manufacturers to Speed Time-to-Market

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXT) and Xceive Corporation, the market leader in multi-standard RF-to-baseband silicon transceivers for the digital home market, today announced the availability of four jointly developed “PCTV” reference designs for worldwide markets. PCTV applications enable consumers to watch broadcast television programs on their personal computers. The new reference designs feature Conexant’s advanced broadcast audio/video (A/V) decoders and Xceive’s highly integrated silicon tuner. The new solutions are offered with either a universal serial bus (USB) or PCI Express® (PCI-e) interface, and are each offered in two versions. These include a configuration with support for analog terrestrial, advanced television systems committee (ATSC), and Clear QAM industry broadcast standards, and a version that supports analog terrestrial and digital video broadcast terrestrial (DVB-T) broadcast standards.

“Our jointly developed, highly integrated PCTV solutions allow manufacturers to drive down system design and bill-of-material costs, and accelerate product time-to-market,” said Rene Hartner, vice president of marketing for Conexant’s Imaging and PC Media business. “In addition, the combination of Conexant’s and Xceive’s advanced semiconductor solutions deliver the performance required for high-quality PCTV applications on notebook PCs.”

“Xceive and Conexant are dedicated to delivering leading, high-performance PCTV reference designs that reduce component count and physical solution size,” said Neil Mitchell, vice president of marketing for Xceive. “These new reference designs leverage Xceive’s newest video solution sets to provide consumers with the ultimate viewing experience through either an integrated, internal OEM solution or via an external PCTV card.”

About Conexant’s A/V Broadcast Decoders

Conexant’s CX2310X decoder family enables the capture of analog and digital broadcast streams on personal computers through an integrated USB interface. Key features include low power consumption, which is particularly important for notebook computers and other battery-powered consumer products, and a compact 10mm x 10mm footprint, which is important for MiniCard, USB stick, and Expresscard™ applications.

Conexant’s CX23888 A/V PCI-e decoder features a patented, high-performance “3D” comb filter that significantly improves video quality without the need for external memory. In addition, the versatile decoder can capture a single analog stream, two simultaneous high-definition digital transport streams, or a combination of analog and digital programming. This flexibility allows manufacturers to develop a wide range of products using a single platform, and deliver products to market more quickly and cost-effectively.

Each of the decoders includes support for consumer infrared (CIR) functionality, which allows consumers to operate multimedia PCs and TVs connected to cable or satellite set-top boxes (STBs) with a single remote control. In addition, the broadcast decoders can be used in conjunction with Conexant’s demodulators to create complete PCTV system solutions.

About Xceive’s Silicon Tuner

Xceive’s highly integrated XC5000 tuner supports worldwide analog and digital terrestrial standards, as well as Clear QAM reception for unencrypted digital cable reception. The XC5000’s low power consumption, small form factor and on-board digital signal processer (DSP) is also ideal for space and power-constrained notebook PC embedded MiniCard applications. With unsurpassed reception and innovative features for optimized picture quality, the XC5000 ensures the best reliability possible even in the most challenging indoor and outdoor reception environments.