Switzerland - Cablecom offers high definition recorder

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Records two programms simultaneously; including all key features such as parental control, EPG; 80 hours of storage capacity

ZURICH — TV viewers can now enjoy the full HD television experience. Cablecom is launching the HD mediabox recorder for high definition TV (HDTV) on the market. The HD mediabox recorder with an integrated hard disk can record two programmes simultaneously and includes all the features that make digital television so exceptional. Parental control, an electronic programme guide with TV programme information for eight days and integrated recording of TV series are just some of the functions it can offer. The HDTV recording package is available for 25 CHF per month.

A year ago, cablecom was the first major telecommunications provider in Switzerland to launch an HDTV package: the HD mediabox receiver without recording function (15 CHF per month). Cablecom is now expanding its range in high definition TV (HDTV) and including a recording function. The top quality HDTV subscription costs 25 CHF per month and will be supplied with the new HD mediabox recorder. Thanks to three integrated TV tuners and in addition to the TV channel currently active, television viewers can record two programmes at the same time.

The HD mediabox recorder is fitted with a hard disk and can therefore record at least 80 hours of standard definition programmes, or at least 25 hours in HD quality. The picture definition is first-class. As a result, television viewers can enjoy perfect pictures in top playback quality. Currently, cablecom can offer six HD channels in the German-speaking part of Switzerland – and four of these in its basic package.

The new HDTV package is available across approximately 95 per cent of the cablecom coverage area. Exceptions are connections scheduled for upgrade in its own network and partner networks that do not receive the signal for all digital services.

On the road to personalised TV usage such as Video On Demand

Cablecom and its European parent company UPC Broadband, with headquarters in Amsterdam, are currently working intensively on an enhanced and even more personalised digital television experience. TV viewers increasingly want to choose what and when they watch – whether this is films, programmes or lifestyle packages. Cablecom is currently pulling out all the stops to develop an interactive TV platform that should respond to this demand in the first half of 2009. The platform will focus on films and TV programmes on demand.

Energy-efficient Set-Top-Box

As the first country within the European parent company UPC Broadband, customers in Switzerland will also be receiving a completely redeveloped, energy-efficient set-top box. In standby mode it will use less than 1 watt. Cablecom’s new premium package will be introduced as quickly as possible: the device will be available in the second quarter of 2009. The software that cuts power consumption in standby mode is scheduled for release in the second half of 2009.

HD mediabox recorder specifications

  • Manufacturer Philips
  • Connectors HDMI and SCART
  • Integrated modem (in future to enable interactive services such as film and TV on demand)
  • HDTV definition 720p and 1080i
  • Dolby Surround (optical output)
  • Integrated hard disk (can record between 25 to 80 hours of films, depending on definition)
  • 3 DTV tuner can record two films simultaneously (dual record) in addition to the TV programme currently active
  • Electronic programme guide (TV programme information for 8 days, series recording)
  • Teletext and subtitles available (if offered by the channels in the appropriate languages)
  • Parental control by blocking channels and according to age group
  • Power consumption max. 32 watts during operation, standby max. 30 watts