Latens launches ECO 4.0 the only IPTV middleware providing a truly secure home networking environment

Thursday, November 6th, 2008
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Release 4.0 of ECO boasts new features and significant enhancements for a more compelling IPTV viewer experience and increased operator flexibility

ANAHEIM, CA — TelcoTV, booth # 326 — Latens, the leading provider of software only conditional access and middleware for IPTV and digital pay-TV, today announces the US launch of release 4.0 of Latens ECOsystem (ECO) IPTV middleware. ECO 4.0 has enhanced user features and a widened scope, offering many advantages for both operator and subscriber.

ECO 4.0 is a state of the art IPTV middleware, secured with Latens award winning software conditional access. Built on open standards, ECO is highly customisable, allowing telcos to adapt the platform to their unique competitive demands and to continue to innovate as their business develops. It can also be deployed as a pre-configured system, allowing operators to get to market quickly and at a lower cost.

The new features of ECO 4.0 means that US telcos can now offer a series of enhanced TV services across all home devices. ECO is an easily configurable middleware which now includes a second generation user interface (UI), VoIP, and enables an IPTV operator to uniquely provide all Pay-TV functionality securely across the Home Networking Environment, comprising STBs, DVRs and PCs. The new UI provides a compelling viewer experience, with richer content, advanced graphics and an enhanced EPG. The important new Pay-TV functionality features are already gaining a high-level of customer interest from IPTV operators.

“ECO 4.0 is a great leap forward in the evolution of our middleware product,” says Jason Rogers, CTO, Latens. “This is the first of many significant advances in our product roadmap that will be of great interest and benefit to all Telco TV operators and can really benefit this market.

With over 70 telcos already successfully securing their IPTV services with Latens, and with IPTV Network Services using Latens ECO to launch and generate IPTV revenues to a base of over 45,000 subscribers in Utah, the release of ECO 4.0 and its compelling and proven benefits will continue build Latens’ success with US telcos.”

“Right now, we are the only software CA provider that can enable a real TV experience on all devices within the home over a truly secure home network environment; a great advantage for operators, content providers and consumers,” concluded Rogers.

Latens ECO 4.0 will be exhibited with Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) Set-Top boxes on the Latens booth #326 and the ADB booth #865 at TelcoTV 2008.

Telco Benefits of ECO 4.0;

  • Fully scalable & feature rich IPTV service: enabling live TV, H.264, SD/HD, Music, Games, DVR and multi-box and PC connected home, with VOD and interactive web portal applications.
  • Quality of Experience: ECO 4.0’s advanced graphics offer a more compelling viewer experience and user interface for ease of navigation, selection and viewing of services.
  • Reduced integration and capital investment costs: ECO 4.0 provides middleware functions with best in class conditional access (CA) in a single system, removing additional and costly integration and accelerating the roadmap of new services to new consumer devices.
  • Highly differentiated and localised service: with ECO 4.0 options are available for increased customisation and insertion of local content, providing IPTV operators with greater competitive advantages against cable and satellite.
  • Risk free solution: Latens Middleware and CA technologies are proven and deployed, and already approved by the content community.
  • Open standards: mean that operators can develop or add high customer demand applications and meet their business goals.
  • Flexible and Scalable Architecture: designed from the outset to support large networks with multi-regional, multi-partner business models and multiple variations in services, channel line-up and EPG styles.

Visitors to TelcoTV November 11-13 booth # 326, can view Latens ECO and its portfolio of conditional access products for IPTV. Jason Rogers, Latens CTO will also be speaking ‘Beyond Caller ID on the TV: Next Generation Communications Convergence’ November 2 at 2pm, as part of the ‘Consumer Experience’ strand of the conference. To arrange a meeting with Latens at TelcoTV, please contact Oonagh Lindsay, [email protected]