Entertainment UK and RealNetworks bring digital entertainment choice to consumers

Thursday, March 20th, 2008
RealNetworks logo

Entertainment UK (EUK), the UK’s largest wholesale distributor of physical entertainment products and digital entertainment services company, RealNetworks®, Inc., today announced the launch of a new distribution platform, the ‘Digital Vault’ (Vault), for the delivery of digital entertainment content across multiple channels.

Based on technology provided by RealNetworks, EUK has developed the Vault over the past 18 months to complement its existing operations in physical entertainment distribution. Drawing on its deep understanding of the market, EUK also plans to extend the digital distribution service to additional retailers and media owners allowing them to sell digital entertainment content to consumers not only via websites but also through in-store kiosks, mobile phones and set-top boxes in the home. The first commercial applications of the Vault will be announced in the coming weeks.

Using the Vault, consumers can purchase their favourite digital content either on a piece-by-piece basis, or via subscription to a monthly service that allows unlimited access to media. The Vault features a huge catalogue of content; with more than 2 million music tracks, 13,000 films, TV programmes and music videos, 500 games, and in excess of 5,000 pieces of mobile content including ringtones, Java games and wallpapers. Digital audio books and e-books will be added later this year.

Matthew Porter, Head of Digital at Entertainment UK said, “Digital music has been a reality for several years now, and other content formats are starting to make the initial transition from physical to digital. Never before has a service provider brought all entertainment formats together in to one platform, and offered consumers the ability to purchase through so many channels. We’re excited about delivering this solution for major partners across the world, and helping them to retail digital content to their consumers”.

“The consumer demand for digital entertainment of all kinds is growing at an unprecedented pace”, said RealNetworks’ VP for EMEA, Bob Riccitelli. “RealNetworks strives to make digital distribution simple and accessible and this partnership with EUK opens up a rich digital entertainment world to the consumer. Retailers and media owners are in a great position to embrace the world of digital entertainment to boost revenues and help drive additional traffic to their web space.”

The service provided by RealNetworks is an ingestion, storage and distribution platform that manages the complex dealings of hundreds of different content suppliers, content formats and legal requirements which sit at the centre of EUK’s digital strategy.