TechnoTrend supplies set-top-box for the TOPP project of KDL

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Digital receiver TT micro-C200 is the “Volksbox” of TOPP; Digitization push for the receivers of cable customers

ERFURT — TechnoTrend AG supplies receivers for the TOPP project of the KabelDienstLeistungsgesellschaft mbH (KDL). Thus, the Erfurter manufacturer is the first supplier of set-top-boxes for this offer, which is directed towards independent cable network operators with integrated networks (from the head end to the end device). TOPP stands for transponder-optimized program packages and is offered by the KabelDienstLeistungs GmbH. The transponder optimization allows for the input of digital free-TV channels into the cable networks of the independent cable operators. The TV programs are encrypted by APS and digitally broadcasted by Astra via 31.5° East. The decoding and input into the cable networks is made at the head end of the network operators. With the TT-micro C200, TechnoTrend provides a high-class free-TV digital receiver with a particularly easy and comfortable use.

At the same time, the supply of a large number of digital receivers is planned. Already for the Cable Congress of the FRK (Association for Broadcast and Cable Systems) on 07th and 08th October in Leipzig, the digitization of a cable network with the TOPP offer will be started in Grimma.

The TT-micro-C200, that is distributed in the TOPP project as “Volksbox”, has a particularly convenient and easily understandable menu guide, the electronic program guide EPG, parental control and teletext. Context-related help functions also ease the operation. In standby mode, the device consumes less than 1 Watt. In operation, the energy consumption is less than 5 Watt.

“For many TOPP cable households, the “žVolksbox” is the first digital cable box. In order to enable end customers an easy entry into digital broadcasting, we offer a particularly easy-to-use device”, explains Anett Klose, director of KDL. “We are pleased to have won a supplier that completely develops its set-top-boxes in Germany and thus directly addresses to the needs of our cable households.”

“TOPP allows the independent cable network operators to easily digitize their networks and thus to remain capable of competing against the major operators. At the same time, the offer is a counterpoint to the basic encryption in the digital cable network”, explains Dr. Heiko Kieser, CEO of TechnoTrend AG. “Within the scope of the TOPP offer, the viewers benefit from a large, free-TV program in digital quality. As one of the largest suppliers in the German operator market, we are pleased to to be able to support the success of TOPP with high-quality digital receivers.