TechnoTrend supplies NDS receivers to Tele Columbus

Monday, September 29th, 2008
Tele Columbus logo

TechnoTrend will supply receivers with NDS Group encryption to Tele Columbus; Wider basis for devices for the access to the new Tele Columbus digital platform; Set-Top-Box will be delivered at the beginning of 2009

ERFURT — As one of the leading receiver suppliers in the German operator market, TechnoTrend AG has agreed on a cooperation with the Tele Columbus Group, Germany’s third largest cable operator, within the scope of the international trade fair IBC. In line with this cooperation, TechnoTrend will develop and deliver a new receiver model with the encryption system NDS VideoGuard until the beginning of the year 2009.

The new receiver extends the range of devices for the access to the new digital platform of Tele Columbus and Eutelsat and will also be offered to other cable operators in the market. By integrating the NDS MediaHighway middleware, it supports projected interactive applications and value-added services which the viewer can directly access via the remote control of the set-top-box. Moreover, it is planned to equip the receiver with a HDMI output for constant digital image transmission.

In cooperation with the satellite operator Eutelsat, the customers will be supplied with around 30, from October with up to 55 private programs in digital quality and the encryption technology NDS VideoGuard via the digital platform of the Tele Columbus Group. As a long-standing initial supplier of Conax receivers, TechnoTrend is united with Tele Columbus by a close partnership. In the course of the development of a new, NDS-enabled set-top-box for the access to the digital platform, the successful cooperation between the two companies now continues.

“TechnoTrend is a very reliable partner with which we have made very positive experiences”, said Markus Schmid, CEO and President of Tele Columbus Group. “The company has repeatedly demonstrated that it is able to rapidly respond to new technologies and changing market conditions and can provide individual receiver solutions in the shortest time.”

“Tele Columbus Group is one of the most important players in the German TV market – not only because of the high number of served customers on the crucial, domestic network, but also because of the strong initiative for the digitalization of cable television”, said Dr. Heiko Kieser, CEO of TechnoTrend AG. “As a company with headquarters in Erfurt, we are particularly proud to support the digitization activities of Tele Columbus with advanced receiver solutions especially in the Eastern part of Germany.”