Netris Announces Integration of its IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware with ADB's HD Set-Top Boxes

Friday, February 16th, 2007
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Netris, a leader in IP-communications software development and system integration in Russia, announced today that it has successfully integrated its IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware with Advanced Digital Broadcast’s hybrid, IPTV set-top box the ADB-3800W – ADB is a leading supplier of technology to the global digital television industry.

ADB’s award-winning unit was the world’s first hybrid, high definition, single-chip IPTV set-top box, equipped with Advanced Video Coding (AVC), to be deployed in volume. The solution is now available for IPTV operators using the IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware on their networks.This advanced and readily deployable solution, incorporating IPSoft iVision and ADB’s advanced set-top boxes, enables operators to deliver a wide range of innovative television andinteractive services to their subscribers.

“We always pay a special attention to IPSoft iVision IPTV Middleware interoperability with other IPTV solution components, and together with ADB we have worked hard to ensure that our customers will gain all possible benefits from the latest IPTV set-top box technology”, Mikhail Grachev, Netris CEO, said. “We believe that 2007 is the year for world wide growth in high definition television and our integrated solution is ready to allowoperators to present their subscribers with new and innovative services including high definition television channels andVideo on Demand content”.

The ADB-3800W is an advanced digital set-top box incorporating standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) television reception based on MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC). The unit enables operators to optimise their broadcast bandwidth, whilst presenting consumers with the highest quality in sound and vision.

“ADB prides itself on being first-to-market with new technology”, highlighted Philippe Lambinet, CEO of ADB. “We were very happy to support Netris in their integration activities and in providing IPTV operators with access to a new combination of hardware and software that is available for commercial deployment”.